Saddleback Leather Company Bi-Fold Large Wallet Review

saddleback wallet 2Saddleback Leather Company is well known for their rugged bags that are constructed to last a lifetime. A claim which they back up with a whopping 100yr warranty. I’ve reviewed several of their bags in the past couple of years, but this is the first time that they’ve offered to send me one of their wallets to review. Since I’m always on the lookout for a wallet that might become my new favorite (check my favorite gear page if you would like to know the one I’m currently using), I happily agreed to the review.

Saddleback offers several wallets, but they sent me the Bi-Fold Large which is available in Black, Chestnut, Dark Coffee Brown and Dark Tobacco Brown.

saddleback wallet 1

I was sent the Chestnut version which has a rich reddish color to it. Besides natural leather, this is my favorite stain.

The Bi-Fold large is just that, large. Folded it is 4.25 wide x 5.13 tall x 0.5 thick (when empty).

It’s made of 100% non-tenderized full grain leather with tough pigskin lining. The design is pretty simple and doesn’t include garish logos. There’s just a small stamped logo in the bottom Right corner.

saddleback wallet 4

If you’re looking for a thin wallet that you won’t notice in your back pocket, this isn’t the wallet for you. Click the image above for a larger view that will give you a better idea of the leather thickness.

saddleback wallet 5

Like I mentioned, the Bi-Fold isn’t a thin / minimalist wallet as you can see from the image above. In my opinion, this is a chunky wallet that is best kept in a gear bag or cargo pants pocket.

saddleback wallet 3

Bi-Fold means that the wallet is like a book and folds in half. When you open this wallet, you’ll find 4 horizontal card slots that can stretch to hold several cards. On each side behind the pair of card slots is a vertical slot that can hold larger papers.

saddleback wallet 8

The card slots are pretty snug, but I was able to fit two cards in each slot without much trouble. I’m sure that with some stretching, that 3 cards should fit easily.

saddleback wallet 6

There’s a very large currency slot that can easily hold…

saddleback wallet 7

… US currency with lots of room to spare.

saddleback wallet 9

There’s also a thin leather flap that is sewn into the front wall of the currency slot. Saddleback recommends using this hidden flap as a way to hide money from your spouse 😉 It’s also a nice way to stash a $20 or so that will always be there when you need it. The flap folds back over the money, making it ‘disappear’.

The Bi-Fold Large wallet is very well constructed. Like their bags, it’s not going to fall apart in this century. The leather edges are even, the stitching is also even and straight. I can’t find anything to gripe about as far as the materials and construction. The price seems very reasonable too. The only thing I complain about is how bulky it is. That said, someone looking for a thin wallet wouldn’t consider this one anyway. If you want a rugged manly leather wallet that you can use till you die, this one is definitely it.

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Product Information

Manufacturer:Saddleback Leather Company
  • Rugged
  • Hidden money compartment
  • 100yr warranty
  • Thick even when empty
  • Bulky

9 thoughts on “Saddleback Leather Company Bi-Fold Large Wallet Review”

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    1. @Garth I had to go to the Wizard’s Department of Motor Vehicles. At least you don’t have to stand in line there, you just kind of float 😉

  2. I went to their site and Wow awesome bags but just a tad out of my price range. Again I would like to say I enjoy your reviews and have used the review on a couple of my purchases.
    let me know if you find a time machine or crystal ball that actually works, I have few stock picks I would like to try out.

  3. Oh great. Now I’m hooked on that website. Drooling over their bags! Maybe I’ll start small with a wallet… But that’s how it all begins, right?

  4. The Saddleback Large Bifold wallet is my second purchase from them. I am totally hooked on their leather and will be buying one of their briefcases hopefully sooner than later. The wallet is as cool a wallet as you can imagine. The leather is thick and will last forever. The card compartments do stretch enough to put a number of cards in each. I have three or four in each without any trouble. The money compartment is huge, with plenty of room for money and extra stuff that you encounter throughout the day. The hidden compartment is a great feature. You would never know there are extra funds hidden in there. The one thing you have to know about this wallet it that it is BIG…it fits in most of my rear pants pockets, but I do carry it in my cargo pants pockets on a regular basis. Although it is big, it is not TOO thick. If you put the number of cards that I have in there in a regular bifold it would look like George Costanza’s wallet on Seinfeld. Giant, thick, put your back out when you sit on it wallet. But Saddleback’s Large Bifold spreads the contents out nicely and the thickness is negligible. I LOVE this wallet and will hopefully have is forever. I have had it about three weeks and it is breaking in nicely…it is going to take a while, but the look gets better with every day’s new wear. Both the wallet and the Moleskine Cover I purchased were dark coffee brown. Love that color and it gets cooler by the day. Saddleback is the best in leather and it shows in their workmanship. I am a lifelong customer.

    1. You can tell the reviewer has no experience carrying a wallet in the back pocket.

      For back pocket carry thinness is key and if you have at least 8 cards this car orientation provides the thinnest format.

      As long as the wallet fits in the back pocket it’s small enough, but thinness is king otherwise

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