Control Your iPod with Your Voice

ipod voice remoteHammacher Schlemmer has a voice-activated remote control for many versions of the iPod.  The 1.5 X 1.5 X 0.5 inch device plugs into the dock connector of  the 1st and 2nd generation touch, 2-4 generation Nano, and many other iPods.  (Check Hammacher Schlemmer for a complete listing of compatible iPods.)  Clip the remote to your shirt, or wear it around your neck with the included strap.  Control various functions by saying commands like “play”, “stop”, and “volume up”.  The iPod remote recognizes English, but it can be trained to recognize the commands in other languages.  Hammacher Schlemmer says the remote fully meets Apple’s performance standards.  The remote is $89.95.

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  2. I see a drawback immediately. The one time I would want voice control for my iPod is when I’m driving – but under those circumstances it’s plugged into a Griffin FM transmitter. and recharger. They need to make a pass-through connector so it can be used with a FM transmitter. I wouldn’t drive with earphones in and recharging the iPod in the car is just too useful to switch to a generic transmitter with a 3.5mm stereo plug.

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