Cinemin Swivel Multi-Media Projector by WowWee

cinemin-swivelThe Cinemin Swivel by WowWee is a small, multimedia projector.  It uses TI’s DLP technology to project a clear 60″ image from eight feet away, or it can fill the wall, floor-to-ceiling, in a typical room.  The Cinemin connects to a variety of “personal media players”, including the iPod, iPhone, Flip Video, PSP, digital cameras, portable DVD players, netbooks, and smartphones with video-out functionality using the included cables.  It can connect to some other devices, including the Zune, with special device-specific connectors.  The Cinemin Swivel has a hinge that swivels 90 degrees to adjust your angle of projection without requiring a tripod.  It has built-in speakers and a headphone jack.  The Cinemin has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 2 hours, and it comes with an A/C adapter.    WowWee is backordered until 2010 online, but they have a list of retailers that may still have the Cinemin in stock. is offering the Cinemin (through a third-party) for $299.95.

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