Ecotronic Toys Mr. Robot Head game – Planet-friendly toys

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mr-robot-head-gameThe Mr. Robot Head game from Ecotronic Toys is fun and ecologically sound.  The game requires no batteries; you provide the power by turning the hand crank.  The object of the game is to move the metal wand from one side of his antenna to the other without touching.  If you touch the wand to the antenna, Mr. Robot’s eyes will flash and he’ll buzz his disapproval.  It can’t be any more annoying to listen to than those Operation games, and you’ll feel good about giving it as a gift because you’ll keep some batteries out of the landfill.  Mr. Robot Head is available at Solutions for $34.95.  (Yes, I’ve been catalog shopping.  Why do you ask?)

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  2. It’s just a kids’ toy, so I’m not sure what else it should do. And it’s not that big – it’s only 5.5 inches on each side. It’s just shown in front of a young child in the picture, so I guess it looks bigger than it is.

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