Multimedia Station for Droid Review

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DockFirst off, Multimedia Station seems a bit off for this device. This is a dock for your Droid phone. It has some nice adds, but does not include any speakers, or even audio out, it is a dock.

What’s in the Box:

  • Manual
  • AC Adaptor
  • USB Cable
  • Cradle


The dock is very attractive, and since it comes with an additional charger, is a very good value. The phone slides into the dock and connects via the micro-USB port. I found that it slide in very smoothly.


When inserted in the dock, the Droid recognizes that it is attached to the doc and launches the dock application:


This application displays the current time and date, your location and weather and also provides quick access to your music, photos, alarms and a dimming feature.

The Music and Photo buttons take you to the music and photo applications of the Droid.

If you tap the lightbulb to dim the display you get this:


You can tap on the weather icon to get a nice forecast:


If you tap on the Alarm icon you can set up to three different alarms:


I like the dock application. You cannot launch it from a stock Droid without the dock. Of course the beauty of the Android market means a work around is only a matter of time, and it has already been worked around. There is an application called DockRunner you can use on a Droid to launch the Dock application. This works only on the Droid, since it is the phone with that application.

I still think the dock is worth the $30. If nothing else, it is an easy place to drop your android for charging when you get home. Also, it comes with an additional charger, which I always need.


Product Information

  • Droid Auto-Senses Dock
  • Launches Dock Application
  • Includes additional charger
  • No Audio Out

8 thoughts on “Multimedia Station for Droid Review”

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  2. thanks for this review Bryan 🙂
    I have a Droid and was planning on getting this “dock” very soon…its on my Christmas wish list.

    Do you know if this can be used with a Droid that has a case on it or would it be too thick?

  3. I bought this dock last week. I would have used it next to my bed if i didn’t already have 2 other alarm clocks. So I brought it to work and put it on my desk. It’s nice because it gives me someplace to put the phone instead of just throwing it on my desk. And since that battery drains quickly on the droid if it’s on the dock it’s always charging. Not to mention the fact that it looks pretty cool and I’ve received a few compliments on the way it looks on my desk.

  4. one more thing, I had to take my case off. However the thickness on the case also caused issues with my fat fingers on the top row of the keyboard. So the case is gone.

  5. Nice review. I’m glad to see that it comes with a charger. I asked about this at the Verizon store a while back, and the dude told me “You have to use the cord that comes with your phone”. I might think about picking one up now. But I agree an audio out would have been nice, so you could hook up some speakers.

  6. There is no telling how many times I have dropped my phone. I have a case for my blackberry 8350 and insurance. Here is my question for you? Have you dropped your Droid and if so, how did it handle it?

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