Chrome Bags Go Pro – Berlin Messenger


I’ve been a fan of Chrome gear for several years. I have reviewed their Citizen messenger bag and more recently their sneakers. They have just announced a pro series line of bags that include the Berlin messenger bag. This bag looks like it’s large enough to hold all your gear and a kitchen sink. It’s weatherproof and has a secondary shoulder strap and extra external straps that can hold oversized packages. The price is pretty scary at $220 though…

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  • Jake invic March 2, 2012, 5:26 am

    I used to think dropping a couple hundred bucks on a bag was nuts but then I thought about it. If you pay that then you get something that should last a lifetime(w/ a warranty to back it) plus , while not a fascinating item, it is extremely useful. Compared to a cell phone or music player or even a computer its not a bad deal because those fancy electronic gadgets break down or become obsolete in 5 years- costing much more. Not to mention the fact that the ladies spend just as much for a fancy brand purse that isnt made in Italy but mass produced in China. At least we are supporting a local company.

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