Use your iPhone or iPod Nano to become the next Spielberg

isteadyDo you shoot movies with your iPhone or the latest iPod Nano, but end up deleting them because they look like they were filmed by someone with extremely shaky hands? The iSteady comes to your rescue. It’s a folding metal holder that will hold either device and stabilize it to create much smoother video capture. The first 200 units to be produced will sell at a pre-release price of $99.99. After that, the price will be $149.99. It looks impressive, but that’s a very expensive accessory for a device that doesn’t even capture HD quality video. Would you buy one?

6 thoughts on “Use your iPhone or iPod Nano to become the next Spielberg”

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  2. I would consider in buying one if it supports regular camcorders or cameras that uses those standard tripod screws.

  3. Having used the SteadiCams, I’m wondering how well this works considering the relative low mass of an iPhone, let alone a Nano!

    OK I’ll volunteer! 🙂

    1. Hey guys, I found similar product that’s even more pricey. It’s the Zgrip. I think the iSteady looks like it would work better, but it’s bulkier than the Zgrip. Watching the demo vids on both sites makes me want to make a movie with my iPhone now 😉

  4. $100? It’s not the lack of HD that bothers me, it’s a lack of quality in general. Why not spend a little more than the cost of the stand and get a real camcorder?

  5. Yikes, even at the reduced price that’s quite steep for the occasional user. (And if you’re more than an occasional user, you’d likely have a more capable video camera anyway, right?) Surely, one of the gonzo dudes on Make blog or Lifehacker will come up with an affordable alternative for us mere mortals…

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