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5min-fpI wanted to give everyone a heads-up that I’m testing out a new widget / revenue stream for The Gadgeteer. It’s from 5min, a how-to, instructional video site. You’ll be noticing a thumbnail bar at the bottom of all the articles and review pages. Each of thumbnails is a video relating to the content of that particular article. If you click on one, it will open a popup window to play the video. You can actually see an example at the bottom of this news article if you scroll down just a little bit.

I’ve been spending a couple hours watching their videos this afternoon and they are actually very well done. You will have to sit through a short commercial before the actual video plays, but hey, that helps The Gadgeteer, so dooooo it – please 🙂

Let me know what you think. Do you like this feature, hate it or don’t care?

4 thoughts on “5min videos on The Gadgeteer”

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  2. I think it’s pointless — or at least in the realm of “not ready for prime time”. It leaves me feeling that the presentation of the links is amateurish at best.


    Two KIND of related links for the “Master Lock Set-Your-Own Combination Locks” review. Both “how tos” on picking locks. Lovely.

    And the kindle cover review displayed nothing remotely close.

    The sansa MP3 player shows a 10+ minute review of a creative labs sound card. The other is a “how to” on converting MP3/WMA/WAV — on the LOW end of truely related…

    This is my favorite: The “fitted sheets” do-hicky has a “how to fold your macbook air” video. About as related as a cat is to a dog.

    What would be USEFUL and not a space/bandwidth waster would be if something like an IPOD review included links to “how to” change your IPod battery or some such.

    Hope I didn’t come off too harsh… Just thought you wanted an honest eye.

  3. @Jhon You weren’t harsh at all. Your opinion counts and so far I would have to agree with you. Like I said, I’m just testing this to see if people actually use it. I’m going to try out another one of their ‘products’ too. It will just be a daily video post about their highlighted video of the day.

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