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yamaha-neohdHow many remote controls do you have for all of your home theater equipment? Do you know how to use all of them? If you’re reading this site, then you probably do 😉 But does everyone in your family know how to use them? Do you often hear someone from the living room asking you what they need to do to watch a DVD or play their XBOX games? The Yamaha neoHD looks like it could be an interesting solution. I have eight remotes littering my coffee table. I have no problems using any of them, but the person I live with is very intimidated by these multi-buttoned contraptions. She won’t even try to figure them out on her own because she’s afraid she’ll mess something up.


The Yamaha neoHD looks like it would be a lot easier to use because it only has a few buttons. How does it work? It interfaces with your TV to show options on your TV screen. They have 3 versions. One that controls your AV equipment, one that adds wifi music streaming from your computer and another that includes speakers and a subwoofer. The three systems are really expensive though… They start out at $599.95 and go up to $799.95.

If you would like to have one of these remotes of your own, you can enter the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes for a chance. There are two ways to enter the contest:

a. by Tweeting: “I just entered to win a #neoHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit ( to enter”

b. or enter via

You can find neoHD on facebook.

Does the Yamaha neoHD remote look good to you? Are you going to enter the contest?


7 thoughts on “One remote to rule them all – YAMAHA neoHD”

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  2. Terrific idea….but way, way too expensive…I do not know about the rest of the world but I am still in an economic meltdown…The President and Congress forgot me (one of the little people) when they were shoveling out stimulus monies! I still have to buy food, clothing and shelter…meds are a luxury! So I guess I shall only look and drool!

  3. I got a refurb Harmony 880 remote from Amazon for $70 about a year ago. New ones run about $160, which is far far less than this money-sucker.

    The Harmony 880 can be difficult to program and requires a computer, but having just one remote on the end table beats the 6 or 7 we would have otherwise.

  4. Actually – there is MUCH MORE to neoHD than a smart remote. It is actually a receiver with HD Audio too. All other home entertainment components connect to neoHD. Major benefits are that when you turn on neoHD, it automatically turns on the TV. So now you use the simple remote and onscreen display to automatically turn on the components you want to use, but to control them too. All things considered it is a breakthrough solution at a good price.

  5. Consider zmote ( It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional universal remotes and can be operated from a smart phone / tablet or computer.

    No apps to install, no email to be given, no passwords to remember!
    It works right from your browser.

    Disclaimer: I’m one of the developers of zmote.

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