Cool watches – If you still wear one

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I haven’t worn a watch for several years now. I always have my phone with me or am sitting behind a computer, so wearing a time piece hasn’t been a necessity. For those of you that do still wear a watch, Tokyoflash of Japan always has some really cool designs worth checking out. They are currently offering watches from Independent. Shown above is the ITX21-5132. It’s an analog watch that also displays the time in digital at the touch of a button. This is a great feature if you happen to have forgotten what time it is when the little hand is on the 10 and the big hand is on the 5.

6 thoughts on “Cool watches – If you still wear one”

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  2. I feel naked without my watch. I don’t think wearing a watch has ever been a “necessity” it’s a fashion accessory. People saying it’s “no longer needed” is a bit of a peeve of mine as it never was needed in the first place. Do you work indoors where there might be a clock on the wall? There used to be clocks on the street corners before that people looked at the sun … etc. Imagine that there are clocks everywhere, a clock is a fashion accessory if you’re not wearing one now it’s because you don’t want to, it has nothing to do with whether or not it’s a necessity.

  3. Since I’m a techie and gadget lover…I’ve replaced my Tissot T-Touch for the Sony Ericsson MBW-150 bluetooth watch. Not as flashy as TokyoFlash watches but it does have an OLED screen. Personally I need a watch. I’m just not used to pulling out my cell phone to look at the time.

  4. Funny thing is I wear a watch but still pull out the cellphone to check the time. Justin is right, the watch is an accessory. If you think about it, men generally don’t wear a lot of jewelry and the watch is one of the few items that we get to “splurge” on.

  5. Hey Julie,
    These watches look very nice but have you seen any ‘Fossil’ watches. They are a brand which have innovative design ideas. I have had several of them with dual Analogue and Digital Display. I used to work in a bar and everyone commented on the uniqueness of these watches!

    They are reasonably priced and come in all shapes and sizes!


  6. I’ve owned a Timex Datalink ever since they came out so many (15?) years ago. It is simply the most practical, functional watch I’ve ever owned as well as one of the geekiest items. Carrying contacts, appointments, count-down timers, games, multiple alarms and other user apps on your wrist is great. The USB connection is dated and it’s not as cool as the original synching with the monitor but it is still great! I wish they would update it.

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