There will be no iPhone 3G S for me…

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iphone3gI stood in line with the rest of the gadget faithful to buy the first generation iPhone on the day that it was released. Then when the 3G came out, I decided not to upgrade because 3G service wasn’t available yet in my town (Columbus, Indiana) and the new slightly thinner form factor didn’t seem different enough to justify the cost of the phone and the increase in my AT&T monthly bill. I kept telling myself that I would upgrade to the 3rd generation because I was sure it would be considerably updated both software and hardware-wise. When I watched the WWDC keynote describing the new features, I got excited like other people that day and I decided to go ahead and upgrade this coming Friday when the iPhone 3G S becomes available. But in the past few days I’ve had a change of heart. Why? Well, 3G coverage still isn’t available where I live and I don’t use the iPhone as my main phone now and don’t think any of the new software features will change that fact. For the time being I will continue to use the little Pantech Matrix Pro (Windows Mobile Smartphone) because I guess I’m just a button lovin gadget girl.

So tell us, are you going to buy the new iPhone 3GS this Friday? And if yes, will it be an upgrade from a previous model, or are you getting one for the very first time?

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  2. I tried to get a new one, but I put a freeze on my credit and they cant check it. So they said they wouldn’t sell me one. I offered to pay for the 2 years of service up front, put down a deposit, anything! They refuse. Ill just have to buy one from someone else and unlock it and use it on t-mobile. Sad.

  3. I would love to get one, but you have to pay a hefty upgrade price if you bought the first 3G iphone last year. You have to wait 22 months to qualify for the upgrade price…..AT&T……ugh

  4. Yeah, i already pre ordered and im a first gen user also so i think it was time for an upgrade, im really happy!

  5. Can’t wait, won’t get it at the first day tho… I hate having to queue!

    My iPod 2G has been a fantastic investment for me and now with more wifi hotspots in London it becomes ever more useful, but my partner has her eyes ok it for the games and I need a new phone anyway.

    I think perhaps quite a few people underestimate the hardware and software features Apple is introducing with the new model. The new subscription model and the ability to add external hardware will quite likely lead to another explosion to the third party infra structure, just as the original App Store did.

  6. I can’t wait to get my hands on the newest version of the jesus phone, I currently have the first gen. sadly I’ll have to wait until the 16th of September to get the subsidized 3g S. As much as I love the iphone I can wait for the $299 price point as apposed to the $499 “early upgrade.” In the mean time I’ll take my FREE 3.0 UPDATE on 6/17

  7. I would buy one in a heartbeat IF ATT was even slightly logical about their upgrade pricing. But $500 or $700 depending on the phase of the moon to replace my 3G iPhone is crazy.

  8. is the only difference a faster processor and more RAM oh yeah and 32 GB memory.By the way will the 3.0 software upgrade be available for download on my ipod touch this friday

  9. I have one one the way, according to UPS tracking, it is somewhere over the Pacific as I type…delivery date is supposedly June 17. I am excited, but somewhat sad to leave my trusty BlackBerry 8310. It has, to date, been the best cell phone I have ever had, and the physical keyboard is perfect for me. But, you gotta move on….

  10. I preordared. I agree the price is too high but expect to sell my 3G for at least $100 as I did my original iPhone.

  11. I have the 1st Gen iPod Touch and it is the most useful gadget I’ve ever owned. I’ve even stopped using my laptop because of it. I am seriously considering buying the new iPhone because it’s even faster, more useful and has larger storage than my beloved Touch. Oh yeah, and it’s a phone. I was smitten with the Palm Pre, but as Palm are ignoring the UK and Europe, sod ’em.
    p.s. Frankly Julie dear, your Pantech thing is an ugly brick. Of all the phones out there, is that really your favorite?
    p.p.s. Do enjoy your reviews over here in dear old Blighty.

    1. @Mycroft I know my love (extreme like?) of the Matrix Pro is odd. I know it’s thick, but it’s small and I really like the dual sliders as they are really really easy to open with one hand. Making / receiving a call only takes one hand. If I can’t use a phone with one hand, I no likey. I’m practicing in the event that I lose an arm in a gadget brawl – or something. 😉

  12. brian k curtis

    I think they could have done more, especially in terms of the camera. For me, it will be the Nokia N97. Although the “phone only” price is out of control (just like the new 3G S) I’m optimistic that some carrier packages will bring it down into the 2-400 range.

    48 possible GB, 5mp flash camera with video, AND full qwerty keyboard….. sign me up!

  13. AT&T coverage still sucks in my area, and no matter what kind of phone you have, if you can’t make a connection, it’s basically a brick.

    I’m sticking with Verizon and if they have an iPhone by 2010, I’ll evaluate it against the Pre, which they ought to have by then.

  14. Have recently acquired iphone 3g pay monthly with O2 in Uk. Love this phone. Does everything that I want it to and firmware upgrade will make it even better! Looks good and performs well! As on 18 month contract will stay with what I have got.

  15. This will be my first iPhone. I’ve marched gamely on with my BlackBerry 8830, but those tiny buttons and the fact that it’s PC-based have been a strain.

    I’ve been waiting two years for the iPhone to develop into a version that meets my needs. As someone who is visually impaired, I love the large-feedback typing function on it, the big screen, and now it has voice command, so I don’t have to do much typing at all.

    And it’s fun.

  16. I was tempted. But at the end of the day, it’s still a very expensive phone here in the UK. And just to rub salt into the wound – The only provider over here, O2, has no plans to reduce the price.
    It’s annoying that Apple chose to do deals with single providers in each country and they picked one of the worst on this side of the pond.
    In the end I’ve gone for a Blackberry Storm – Not as svelte as an iPhone but easier to connect to my exchange server.

  17. Andy, I agree with you. I am with Verizon and will not change simply due to never having to worry about connecting when ever I wish. Will stay with my HTC Touch for the time.

  18. I’m going to keep my iphone 3G as I have more months to go to get the ‘S’ version of the phone. Couple questions though, with the free upgrade to my 3G, am I correct that I still won’t be able to do video, touch screen focus on pictures, compass with new map features? What else will we miss by sticking with the 3G?

    1. @David I’m pretty sure that you won’t get the new voice command feature and of course, you won’t get more battery life and ram. Not sure about the rest.

  19. Thanks Julie, also heard that the update is set to be released in the USA starting at 12:01 est June 17th. That correct as well? Anyone?

  20. If i were to get the iphone 3G S, it’ll be my second iphone which i probably will eventually after a few months because it mighty expensive where i’m from, it’ll probably retail for about $1350 in my currency (approx US$920). They’re expensive because they’re such a novelty and very hard to get and also a brilliant phone especially the 3G software which is awesome in my opinion. Also, the wife has grown to like the functions and usability and would love to get her hands on my current iphone 3G…I just love Apple gear as well and have been a long time user.

  21. I have a 3G iphone and am not planning on upgrading this time around. Besides the fact that I’d have to pay several hundred dollars since my contract won’t be up for awhile, the new features haven’t grabbed me enough, so I’m hoping to wait for the next upgrade that may have a video camera facing me so I can actually make Skype video calls. We’ll see.

  22. Like Deb, I have a 3G iPhone and am not upgrading to 3G S. That would be an expensive upgrade with VERY little to offer. I’ll be buying the new iPhone that gets released in June 2010 🙂

  23. I’m hoping to get a 3GS for me and a 3G for my wife, but steeling myself that it probably won’t happen Friday.

    I’ve been a Palm user since the Palm Pilot Professional and have been using a Treo 650 for several years – I was holding out for the Pre, but after handling it in the store I didn’t care for it (felt… cheap to me). Also didn’t really feel like a Palm to me. I feel kind of sad at switching – I was on the Palm Influencers e-mail list years ago and I feel that if they’d listened more to us, I wouldn’t be switching now.

    This is the first time I’ve been excited about a new gadget in a few years – I’ve been watching the intro videos, reading the getting started guide, etc. and am managing to put aside my anti-Apple bias.

    So, I’ll call around on Friday to see if I can get one but am afraid I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks. I’m a little apprehensive about switching carriers, though I’ve never been HAPPY with Sprint.

  24. As much as I would like to own an iphone, i simply cant. or I just dont want to switch from Verizon to AT&T..i’ll just have to wait for the tour to come Out!!

  25. obligateaerobe

    Julie, are you planning to check out Nokia N97? It is both GSM and unlocked, so you can theoretically try it out without changing your plan.

    1. @obligateaerobe The N97 looks nice, but the E72 might be more my speed. Rob just bought the E71. I hope he’ll tell us all what he thinks of it soon. 🙂

  26. I have an HTC Touch Pro and hate it. It’s buggy, slow and prone to freezing. That being said…I am on the Verizon network, and AT&T cannot even begin to compete with them for broadband access. I will put up with my annoying phone, because I can use it pretty much anywhere. I’d love and iPhone, but since AT&T has a stranglehold on it, I don’t see it happening.

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