2600mAh of extra juice for your iPhone or Blackberry

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The Dexim BluePack S3 packs a rechargeable 2600mAh battery into a relatively smallish package. It will extend your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry for up to 10 hours talking time,12 hours video playing time or 72 hours music playing time. It even has a built in LED flash light. It’s available now at Richardsolo.com for $89.95. The price listed on Dexim’s site is $69.90 though, so I’m not sure which is correct.

6 thoughts on “2600mAh of extra juice for your iPhone or Blackberry”

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  2. The Dexim website lists also lists Target and Brookstone as being retailers that carry their products in the US, but I can’t find the BluePack S3 on either of those websites.

    1. @Andy S. The BluePack is really new and won’t be in the Brookstone stores until later this year. I did just get word back from Dexim that the price is $69.90.

  3. Okay then, I guess I’ll just check Brookstone periodically… in terms of capacity, this appears to be one of the better battery packs you can buy, but I’d rather not pay the $20 premium that the RichardSolo site is charging. Thanks, Julie!

  4. Well, it’s been over a month now, and RichardSolo’s site is still selling them for $89.95. So much for that.

  5. I emailed Dexim. They indicated that the $20 premium is because of RichardSolo’s return policy (paid shipping, etc).

    I don’t buy it. Sharper image was overpriced and not Richardsolo.com is too. Unacceptable in my opinion.

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