Spotlight Gadget – Creative VADO HD Pocket Video Camera Deal

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The VADO is a sleek, lightweight video camera that holds the power of recording any moment of your life in 720p high definition quality with just the touch of one button. It is also the only pocket video camera that features HDMI connectivity so you can view your videos right on your HDTV, or watch on-the-go with its crystal clear, t wo inch touchscreen. The VADO’s internal 8 gigabyte memory can record up to 4 hours of HD video or 8 hours of regular video. The best feature? It’s price. It’s only $229.99 at Creative’s website, but act fast and enter the coupon code VADOHDFRIENDS at checkout and you can steal the deal for only $129.99.

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  2. I purchased the Vado HD about a month ago and have used it a few times. Pretty straight forward, easy to use. comes with mini-hdmi to standard HDMI cable to make connecting to your TV. As you can see from the image above, the USB cable pops right out of the bottom. Creative products are normally not Apple compatible. However, iTunes recognizes the Vado as a camera and imports the videos. You then have to drag them to you desktop to view them. On a pc screen the videos look good. Great for YouTube. On a 46″ LCD they are passable, better then any point and shoot video I have seen. The Vado’s picture quality is super dependent on the quality, quantity and color of light in the room. At 4:00 on a fairly sunny day sitting in your car filming, it looks perfect. In your kitchen at 10:00pm with a yellowish bulb, it adds noise. For $129 or even $229, can’t complain.

  3. I can confirm that the coupon code is no longer valid. Bummer!

    Sure would like to know if you hear of another coupon code that would work. I’m ready to pull the trigger on this little gem!

  4. Creative just sent me an email noting Vado Silver on sale for $79. I own both the original Vado (“standard definition”) and the HD. Both really shoot nice video and are a snap to use. Both are prefect for tossing in my bag wherever I go. I don’t get all wigged out taking them places unlike when I’m shooting with more expensive gear. I have also tried the Flip and Kodak. Creative’s Vado edges both of them out IMHO. Good stuff.

    Here’s a link to the Vados:

  5. mikeintelluride

    the original piece is incorrect, the vado hd will record up to two hours hd not four as stated. it also is the only mini cam to output via hdmi in 1080p. lastly its SD video not regular video for the sake of reference. as of may 2009 the $129 deal not available, after much searching best price found was amazon, $165 no shipping. also one poster mentioned a $79 vado, thats the sd model, the hd model sits on that same page to the left with a list price of $229. my sister worked for creative up until last month and informed me of the $79 special as well, for the SD model though. the vado hd is an excellent product which i enjoy even more than my old flip ultra sd and even at the $165 price point it is well worth the money imho.

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