Don’t throw away your old stuff, swap it!

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I don’t know about all of you, but I’m big into recycling these days. I break down all the cardboard boxes that show up at my house. I save newspapers, magazines, mail and other paper. I even collect bottles, cans and plastic containers. Every so often, I drop off this stuff at the local recycle center or various bins located around my town.  It makes me feel like I am doing something good for the planet. 🙂 I also like to take sacks of reviewed items that I no longer use to my co-workers at my day job. I get a real kick from of spreading stuff out on a table and watching everyone walk up and grab something (hey guys, I have 4 sacks of stuff ready to bring to work after the holidays). That’s why, when I learned about a site that would let you swap books, dvds, cds and video games with other people all just for the price of postage, I wanted to learn more. Swaptree let’s you trade your stuff you know longer want, for stuff that you do. It’s a very cool concept. I haven’t tried to do an actual trade yet, but from browsing around on the site, I’ve found a few items that I wouldn’t mind having. Anyone else tried this service?

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  2. I think that is so-o cool!!! I’d like to share something with you too. My youngest (now 5) has been saving the tabs off the coke cans for a very long time now (about a year or so) as well as the cans themselves. What she does it she’ll pull the tabs off, put them in a recycled water gallon and crush every single soda my husband demolishes…and while she does it she reminds herself that she’s helping “save the earth”…

    Gotta love the little ones, they’re so fun!!!!

  3.,, and are also excellent sites to use for swapping. I have no affiliation with them other than using them for a few years now. I love getting rid of my old CDs and Books to get a stack of new books and DVDs!
    What’s cool about these sites rather than SwapTree (which looks great as well but I haven’t used yet) is that you don’t trade with people directly. Instead you pay to ship your item to a person and in exchange you get a credit to “buy” any item you want at any time. I have cleared out my bookshelf and CD rack now and have a ton of credits waiting for my next “shopping” spree.

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