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If you watched my video review of the digital photo keychains from Wholesale Keychains this past summer and never ordered one for yourself, I have a surprise. They have given me 3 keychains to give away…

keychain contest 1
keychain contest 2

To win a digital photo keychain, just leave a comment to this post with a list of the top 3 things that you love about The Gadgeteer and the top 3 things that you don’t like about The Gadgeteer. Only one entry per person please… Then on Saturday the 15th, I’ll choose three winners at random. Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Win a Digital Photo Keychain”

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  2. I like the fresh news in my Google reader all day long
    I like the friendly atmosphere in the news posts and comments
    I like the fun we get from the give-aways, and the occasional personal posts from the staff (about travel and other happenings)

    I don’t like … hmmm ….
    I won’t like not winning (but not too much, this is just fun)
    I don’t like reading too much about the iPhone or Palm devices

  3. I also like the updates on iGoogle (seeing as that is how I came across it).
    I like the way it is not swamped by Microsoft merchandise.
    I like the way there is not loads of advertising.
    I dislike the way that everything is priced in $ not in £ (why not both?).
    I dislike those weird Geometric designs.
    I dislike the way you are asked to say what you dislike!

    [Edited at November 12, 2008 13:16:23 PM.]

  4. I like the palm and Iphone reviews! Always stop by here to see your views on the new stuff. I like the accessory reviews. This was the first place I looked at for my cases when I bought my original Palm III, palm V, palm t3, and tx. Now I have an Iphone and need another case…(yes – I think palm dropped the ball when a long time palm fan such as myself doesn’t buy yet another palm device) I also like the updates from the conferences when you go on them. Wish I could go on those but it has been a while since work sent me on those sorts of conferences.

    I dislike the video reviews. Ok – that is a little harsh – they have shown a marked improvement as you have gotten used to the camera. I dislike when long periods of time go by without an update. I look to you for my gadget fix. I dislike that Judie moved on. I liked that there were the gadget girls.

    K – hope that helps you improve your site!

    Gareth “box full of Palms and accessories gathering dust” Jones

  5. As a die-hard palm user, I actually like the palm reviews. I also like the right-hand column of new stuff. I love that you answer your own emails.

    I don’t like the way your video reviews work, but then I think thats more a function of the proxy my work uses blocking them. I also miss Judie. I hate fact that I can’t afford to buy a quarter of the gadgets that you get for free!

  6. Sebastien Comtois


    I like getting gadget news at all time of the day, gets me going even on boring days. I like the diversity of subjects, from pens (I got hooked on The Gadgeteer back in 2001 from your review of the Stylus Central Foursome multipen… gotta love the looks I got from it) to Remote Controlled sub-marines, The Gadgeteer has it all! And I like the user comments that puts everything in perspective and makes the place a real community.

    I don’t like the cumbersome multi-logging ID thing from the site and the forums, I don’t like the video reviews as I cannot select what sections that interests me in a review, and they can’t be listened to at work… I finally don’t like that there are too few Blackberry related reviews… but in the end, I don’t like having to find three things I don’t like because there may not be 3 😉

    All and foremost, thank you Julie for keeping this phenomenal project going and serving the appetite of geeks and MacGyver wannabes all around 😉 Take Care!

    [Edited at November 12, 2008 15:17:20 PM.]

  7. The love: Device reviews, Software reviews, and Julie

    The hate: Not enough puppies! Not enough ponies! Not enough polar bear cubs! 🙂

    [Edited at November 12, 2008 14:30:50 PM.]

  8. Likes: 1. Very good in-depth reviews
    2. A wide variety of products reviewed, including ones that a person might actually buy
    3. I like the categorization of reviews, so I can easily find the ones I want to read.

    Dislikes: 1. Time in between reviews can sometimes be long.
    2. What happened to the CES???
    3. No “remember me” feature on login.

  9. 3 Things I love about Gadgeteer

    1. Good Reviews, I actually use it as a buying advice.
    2. Warm, family feelings. aren’t like other review sites.
    3. RSS Feed.

    3 Things I dislike about Gadgeteer

    1. A little on the slow side on reviews. (sorry, was hoping something new everyday :P)
    2. Some product being reviewed is a little outdated.
    3. Could use more reviewer, writer to fill the craving.. 😀
      Honestly the last dislike is pretty much my first dislike, but since you wanted 3 dislike and I really have nothing I dislike about Gadgeteer then I kinda have to repeat my self.. 8)
  10. Hi ,
    things I like are:

    1- Reviews on specific stuff , like the review on saddleback leather, I could not find a review on those bags anywhere else! it was great.
    2-My Google reader is always happy when you have updated , which means I enjoy the newsletter.
    3-actually I do get acquainted with many stuff you present/review here, so I get to know them and might buy them.

    Things I don’t like are:

    1-Google reader not happy sometimes, you don’t update that fast.
    2-More windows mobile , PPC and stuff , less iPhone!
    3- You should give away much better stuff (HTC Touch HD maybe!) than the digital photo key chains.

  11. Like:

    1. Video reviews.
    2. Site layout.
    3. How long you’ve been doing it.


    1. Speed of reviews
    2. Some of the silly items reviewed
    3. Could use more reviewers

    1. Independent no nonsense reviews.
    2. Reviews are actually geared towards real life use and not simply “spec” reviews.
    3. Ability to post comments/questions and actually have them responded to by the reviewer.


    1. Video reviews — they are nice but rarely have the depth I’ve come to expect from reviews here.
    2. Single point reviews — understood with limited reviewers but it might be nice to see reviews of the same product by different reviewers.
    3. Plethora of Mac and Ipod reviews — not being a fan of either I find them less than useful — sorry, but you said I had to come up with three…
  13. 3 Things I Like ®

    1. The laid-back Gadgeteer atmosphere. This site has always been the “little guy” among the available options, but that contributes to a casual feel that I enjoy.

    2. A wide, if eccentric, assortment of things up for review. I never know exactly what I’m going to find discussed here, as opposed to other sites that consist of the latest HDTVs, designer computer systems, etc. The sheer number of doohickeys and thingamabobs on The Gadgeteer is pretty impressive.

    3. … I appreciate that you even have this for those days when I’m on my phone and bored.

    3 Things I Don’t Like ®

    1. I don’t like the video reviews that have no associated text review. About 80% of my computer time is at work, where I can’t afford to watch a lot of videos. That means that all the info in these video reviews is pretty much off limits to me. I’d much rather see at least a text summary of the video, if not a full text review that also has video.

    2. The RSS feed seems to have issues. I use NetNewsWire on the Mac, and The Gadgeteer’s feed occasionally resets (or something), marking all the items as “new” and causing them to download again. This never occurs with any other feed. I ended up unsubscribing about a month ago after this happened 2 or 3 times, which is bad because I live in my RSS reader and rarely make it to the actual website.

    3. No dates on the review listings in each category. There are lots of cobwebs gathering in some of the sections, and not having dates makes it hard to figure out what’s worth reading if I have a few extra minutes to dig into the older entries.

  14. FYI, for those of you who have comments about the site design and mechanics, I appreciate the suggestions and I’m taking it all in 🙂 I’m currently working on the technical stuff for what should be a substantial and nice upgrade to the site functionality at some point during this holiday season, and I’ll try to address everything then. Without spoiling it all or making promises, some parts of the upgrade will result in better date-based archives, tags instead of a ton of subcategories, and putting the old forums to their final rest while merging the old review comments from them into the main comment streams. (There’s just over 11 years of content to reorganize, and nearly 2000 reviews, for those who are counting. 🙂

    I do want to comment on the feed… I also used to use (until a week ago) NetNewsWire on the Mac and haven’t noticed any problems with it, but I think what may have happened last month was that we switched to using FeedBurner instead of having the default be a direct link to our RSS. In the long term that should mean fewer possibilities of a hiccup, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a bit rough when we switched initially.


  15. 1) I like the unbiased, personal “hands-on” opinions.

    2) Experience from being in the trenches since last century!

    3) Enough content to keep my attention without simply posting every story on the web that is remotely related to tech.

  16. The things I like…

    • It’s true to its name…this is a site for gadgets and that is pretty well stuck to with the rare ukelele reference.
    • The opinions are fair and somewhat balanced. This comes from a lack of industry influence (the fair) and more the fanboy mentality(somewhat balanced).
      -You like gadgets the way I like gadgets.

    Dislikes, much harder to define, but…

    • The ads on the left column block the content in the blog. I don’t always read this site full screen.
    • The videos have been dogged enough, but a little more iMovie magic could make them sparkle.
    • Fewer categories to the reviews may make it a little easier to navigate to the older site info, just my opinion though.

    I like the site ever since I found a review on and looked around the site after I read the initial listing. Great job and keep up the good work.


  17. Rob already addressed the site mechanics, but I wanted to chime in with some comments on the actual site content dislikes that have been mentioned so far.

    So far I’m getting the clue that you guys don’t like my video reviews ;o) Good thing I have a thick skin (well, it’s not that thick, but I can take criticism). I’m not going to stop making them, I’ll just try harder to make them better. Typically, I have only been posting 1 or 2 a month, so I hope you can all deal with that frequency.

    Another common complain I’m seeing is with the number of reviews posted. I’d like to ramp up to a minimum of 6 reviews a week (Monday through Friday and then one weekend review) instead of the current 4 reviews a week. But as someone that works a full time job on top of running this site, that can be a real challenge. Yes, I could add more reviewers, but that’s not really what I want to do. I like having a very small group of contributors that I can count on to deliver the type of content that you’ve come to trust from the gadgeteer. I also don’t want to dilute my own voice, which I hope is one of the main reasons you visit here.

    So anyway, we have big changes coming very very soon. New layout, new backend, contests, etc. :o)

  18. A long time lurker off and on lurker here, delurking for the first time. Is it possible I’ve come to this site for a decade or more?

    Things I like:

    1. Real world, ground level reviews that really get at the practicality or usability of a product.

    2. Running across things I’ve never heard of, or even imagined, even if I have no personal interest in buying the thing. Occasionally, I find a must have I never knew existed. The Neocube was my best purchase of the month.

    3. The folksy, ideosyncratic quirkiness of reflecting a real person, rather than the editorial policy of a media outlet.


    1. The personal nature of the reviews can be a both a blessing and a curse. While it can be refreshing, and often useful, if the reviewers POV or interest in a product is different from mine, the bits I care about can get left out.

    2. I miss the old, Palm-centric days. In the heady days when Palm was exciting and cutting edge, I came here regularly for the latest Palm news and accessories. It’s a sad state of affairs that there’s not much Palm worth writing about, but I’m still wedded to it because I have too much accumulated Palm crap and can’t be bothered to change (I tried a Blackberry, but it didn’t satisfy).

    3. I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say I’m not wedded to the videos.

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