Will you buy the new 3G iPhone?

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I really don’t know if I will… Companies are already asking permission to send me accessories to review, so there is some pressure on that front. But the main thing is that I don’t live in an area with 3G coverage, so the upgrade really doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. Yeah, I will be missing out on the new GPS feature, but I already have several stand alone GPS units that I rarely ever use. Upgrading my current iPhone will give me the app store and other updates, so I am not feeling very compelled to fork over a chunk of cash and increase my monthly bill at this point. There are still a few days till Friday though… maybe something or someone will convince me that I must buy one. Until then, my Centro is serving me just fine.

15 thoughts on “Will you buy the new 3G iPhone?”

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  2. As I posted on my blog:

    1. We don’t have 3G in my hometown of 100,000, so
    2. It’d be more expensive monthly for no improvement in speeds
    3. I already have a better GPS in my car, and a rugged one for Geocaching
    4. I can’t do anything with 16GB or memory that I can’t do with my current 8GB (my nearly 18GB of music won’t completely fit on either)
    5. My 1st-gen iPhone will be getting the rest of the new features with the OS 2.0 update

    So … no dice. I’ll probably pick up the next one, though.

  3. i agree also i hope i can buy a new ipod touch with the iphone 2.0 upgrade installed as i am comng to the states on 30 july and will probably get a touch some time in august.Also I live in an area without 3G

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  4. Hi Julie,
    I purchased the 8GB iPhone a week after it was available in July ’07. When the 16GB model was announced, I picked that one up.

    I’m planning on getting the 16GB 3G on the first day (we’ll see how that goes!) I’ve been thrilled with the current 16GB. It has enough space for my most listened to music, plus an odd movie here and there, all while leaving about 7GB free. I’d prefer a 32GB model where I can store more music, videos and all the cool apps that will soon be available.

    The things that have edged me into getting the new 3G would be the improved (the way it should have been to begin with) headphone jack, GPS and (so they say) better speaker volume. Sadly, we have no 3G network access in my immediate area, otherwise, that would have been at the top of my list.

    I would be happy to stay with the 2.5G iPhone and the 2.0 software. I really want to use the App store and this is actually the best “improvement” in my opinion.

    So, there’s really no overwhelming reason for me to upgrade, since iPhone software 2.0 will give us all much more by virtue of 3rd party apps.

    Having rambled on, yeah, I’ll probably be in line at our AT&T store on Friday morning! 🙂

    (an ancient Newton developer!)

  5. Its coming here in Switzerland on July 11th. We have great 3G coverage, but still sticking with my last rant about the iPhone/Centro issues, I will NOT get an iPhone.

    It’s about a few issues:

    1. the money issue (isn’t it always 🙂
    2. The iPhone must get new day-to-day features that are practical
    3. Get that iPhone rugged, it looks so businessy…I go AWOL when I just toss it in my Pocket…(OK, I have the “invisible sheild” already on it, but still…)
    4. Build it smaller
    5. Give the GUI (and the software for that matter) some logic.
    6. Get it some independence…forget Apple’s stronghold when activating it…(they would sell double if they weren’t so restrictive)
    8. The strength of a Palm Desktop, with the ease of syncing
    9. Did I mention the money factor? 😉
    10. More Software

    So you see: for me; no future iPhone. Mein Centro ist zee iPhone killer 😉

  6. Mark Rosengarten

    In one word…NO.

    1) I have an iPod Touch (16GB) for tasty video goodness.

    2) I have a Verizon account, and it will be as scorching day in Antarctica before Verizon gets the iPhone

    3) The HTC Touch Pro looks like a good alternative for Verizon, assuming that they don’t delay it by years like they do with all new smartphones.

    4) I am ready to ditch the Palm OS…it’s old, lame and I’m really tired of it…but I am not going to go with the tightly controlled Apple nonsense. I like to be able to grab apps if I want without having to jailbreak the device.

    5) Did I mention how bad Verizon is at getting decent new phones?

    6) See number 5. I love Verizon’s coverage, which I why I stick with them.

  7. I own an iPOD Nano for running/exercise & a 5th Gen iPOD Video 60GB that has ALL 3500 of my songs & several hundred sermons I like to listen to. I use the BB Pearl as a phone & the Dell Axim as my PDA> After having tried numerbous converged devices (1 Palm & 3 WM phones), I plan to try the iPHONE. Luckily, my best friend has an iPHONE & plans to upgrade, so I will be taking his at a reduced price & no contract to try it out before I purchase the new 3G. He’s tried all the blackberries & PDA phones with me, but he’s stuck with his iPHONE for 6+ months & loves it. We’ll see this weekend if he can get another (subject to availablility).

  8. I just got a Palm Centro, so no I will not be buying the 3G iPhone. I maintain that the iPhone is Apple’s biggest mistake since Jobs returned. Not that the iPhone is a bad product, it’s just that AT&T is really laying it on thick. A $36 activation fee, no SMS messages included (they are all but free to the carrier), $30 (!!) for unlimited data (more than my home ISP plan), and if you are already a customer, they charge you $18 for the privilege of signing your soul over for two more years.

    Apple should have done what the rumors suggested; started an MVNO like Virgin Wireless or the like and sold the iPhone and the service as a package deal.

  9. My Centro will be taking a little break for a week or so while I check out the new features of the 2.0 iPhone software update. I’m anxious to check out the app store and mobile me.

  10. I was logged into mobile.me about 20mins ago, but it was so slow that I gave up. I’ll try again later.

    I’m downloading the v2.0 update for my first gen iPhone right now. :o)

  11. Julie,

    Other than GPS, you have an iPhone 3G already. I really don’t think the iPhone 3G is as good as it should have been, especially consdering the crap AT&T is pulling. It’s almost like the iPhone is a regular cell phone!

  12. I haven’t gotten my update fully completed yet. It wouldn’t connect to itunes for final activation, so I removed the SIM and put it back in my Centro ;o) I’ll finish later tonight or tomorrow.

  13. Michael Murray

    Anyone with iTunes can go into the iTunes store and then the apps store. You can even buy and download although obviously you can’t run them without a Touch or iPhone. Still gives you an idea of what is out there at the moment.


  14. I will not be getting an iphone for one reason alone: the battery. Battery life is, well, pathetic (my wife used one for an afternoon, had 3G on, and got barely 3 hours!) and the battery is sealed. What was Jobs thinking? I think there is a loud cheer coming down from RIM headquarters, as such a device will never suit the business user. BTW, the 3G is also pretty pathetic, just twice as fast as EDGE and with very spotty availability. It’s a toy, a very pretty toy to be sure, but a toy nevertheless.

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