Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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I want to wish all of our readers a very happy Thanksgiving. You don’t have to be an American to appreciate the idea behind today’s holiday. Everyone should take a couple of minutes and reflect on what they are thankful for. I have so many things that it would take an hour to write this post! But the main things I am thankful for today are all the terrific people in my life. My family and friends mean more to me than any gadget I could ever find :o) That said, I’m very thankful for The Gadgeteer and the opportunity that it gives me to meet and work with a lot of really great people. You guys make this sometimes hard ‘job’ so much easier!

Now I’m off for a 90 minute drive to a family gathering. Bring on the turkey!

How about sharing a few things that you’re thankful for today.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to you all!”

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving Julie!

    Hey, as long as you don’t let gadgets and your website become such a blinding and crazed obsession to the point where they ruin your personal life and corrupt your moral character, then that’s all that really matters, lol.

    I’m thankful for my good health (five years cancer free!), life truly beginning at the age of 40, and being back home with friends, family, and loved ones where I belong. I’m also thankful for the absolute best meal I’ve had in six long years. There is nothing like a traditional Cajun/Creole Thanksgiving feast that is cooked to perfection!

    Have a great holiday! ;>)

  3. Julie,

    We had the following:

    ~ Deep fried turkey injected with creole butter and spices
    ~ Baked ham topped with a Barq’s rootbeer and pineapple sauce
    ~ Sweet potato pecan casserole
    ~ Creamed spinach
    ~ Oyster soup
    ~ Oyster casserole
    ~ Oyster patties
    ~ Stuffed Mirliton
    ~ Sweet potato and pecan pie

    The Cajun/Creole Christmas feast in a few weeks will be just as good!

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