boynq iCube II

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Do you like your gadgets to have some color and that retro-style? Well if so, boynq’s iCube II speaker and docking system might be something to add to your collection.

boynq is an award-winning manufacturer of PC accessories and audio products. They are known for their distinctive designs and use of colors in their products.


Data synchronization via:
USB 2.0
Operating Systems:

Windows 2000 SP4
Windows XP
Mac OS x 10.1.5
2 x 5W RMS full range drivers for optimal clarity
3.5mm Stereo line-in feature
Treble control
Bass control
AC-power adaptor (100~240V)
Frequency range 20Hz – 20KHz

boynq icube ii

In the Box:

iCube II stereo speaker
6 inserts for iPod models
Equalizer card
AC-power adaptor
Line-in cable
Audio cable

Now, I am not one who enjoys things with flashy colors, so I was really shocked when I first laid eyes on the packaging. The box is purple; maybe even a pink-purple blend, either way it is definitely eye catching.

The reason behind the purple packaging is because this iCube II is from boynq’s Pour Femme collection. Now my French is non-existent but I assume that roughly translates into “for her”. So the color makes sense.

If you want something more masculine, check out the Pour Homme version of the iCube II.

The purple color continues from the outside packaging to the actual iCube II device. The external is covered in a rubber or neoprene-like material and the iCube’s simple, yet retro design harks back to something from the 60’s.

boynq icube ii

I say retro because the cube is not a simple six-sided figure with straight lines. The designers implemented subtle curves to this cube. These curves and the use of an oversized circular metal volume knob give it the old school feel.

boynq icube ii
Image courtesy of boyniq

On each side of the volume are two smaller metal knobs for Bass and Treble. So from left to right, the controls are the Bass, Volume and Treble. The bass and treble controls have nickel size circumferences, while the volume is bigger then a half-dollar. Good thing about the old school knob controls, you previous settings are saved between each use.

boynq icube ii

I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality the small speakers put out. My initial expectations were low, mainly due to the size of the system, but I was pleased with the sound delivered. The sound quality might not satisfy an audiophile, but I thought it was good, especially considering the size and price.

I did set the bass slightly pass mid-point, while keeping the treble set in the middle and the volume this little device can produce is quite impressive.

The power is controlled by pressing in on the Volume knob. When the power is on, a cool light circle surrounds the outside of the Volume control and below it the word “boynq”” appears.

boynq icube ii

Turn the lights down and enjoy the added ambience from this system.

boynq icube ii

Regardless if the iCube II is powered on or off, it will continue to charge the docked iPod.

Connections are located on the back of the cube. From left to right, line in, line out, iPod USB connection and the DC power in.

boynq icube ii

The USB port provides a connection to your computer to allow users to charge and sync their iPods.

boynq icube ii
Image courtesy of boyniq

The line in features gives you the ability to connect the iPod shuffle and other audio devices, while the line out allows you to connect to your home stereo.

boynq icube ii

The iPod dock is located on the top of the iCube II. The system comes with six inserts so as to fit the iPod 3rd generation, 4th generation, 4th generation color, 5th generation video, mini 1st generation, nano 1st generation, and nano 2 generation.

Overall, I was impressed with the size, retro design and sound quality of the iCube II. While high-fi audiophiles may be disappointed, the adjustable bass & treble combined with good volume make the speaker and dock system worth the pricetag.

Like many similar devices, it would be great if a remote was included to control the cube’s functions plus the iPod but I definitely found the boynq iCube II a nice piece to add to your digital audio collection.


Product Information

  • Charges your iPod
  • Allows your iPod to sync with your computer
  • Cool use of color and retro design
  • No remote

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