Comfortable Headphones

I have a hard time finding comfortable headphones / earbuds to wear. It always seems like they make my ears hurt within minutes of putting them on. I just had the chance to try a new pair today though. The Arriva active wear headphones. These are behind the head style headphones that have a unique design that keeps them in place while remaining comfortable.

arriva 2

The band that goes behind your head is fully adjustable. You can bend the band anyway you like. The band is comfortable and feels like a soft spring on the back of your head.

arriva 1

The Arriva’s come with several sets of silicon earbuds so that you can pick the ones that are most comfortable to your ears. I should also mention that the earbuds fit inside your ear canal, so if you don’t like isolating style headphones, you might not like these. I don’t normally like them myself, but I would have to say that the Arriva’s are quite comfortable. They sound pretty good too! :o) The price is $29.95 and come with a 30 day money back guarantee against defects.

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