Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-08-29

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Remember when I said that I wasn’t very excited about the
DualCor cPC? Well, I changed my mind this past weekend when I was
trying to decide what gear to take with me on my vacation to NYC
next week. I knew I didn’t want to drag along my Powerbook, because
I’m testing out the whole ‘less is more’ method of packing for this
trip. I considered just taking my Treo 650 and the Sanyo Xacti HD,
but knew I’d be unhappy websurfing with the Treo. Reviewing digital
pictures on the Treo’s tiny screen didn’t sound like a barrel of
fun either. So, I started looking into other small form factor
devices and came to the conclusion that the cPC was looking pretty
good. Yes, it’s very expensive (and still an engineering sample), but since I still had half of the
cash saved back from when I just bought a cPC for Judie, instead of 1 for both of us. I decided what the heck, and went for it.
It’s on a Fedex truck right now… Strike that, it’s now at my
Fedex office. I just received an automated voice message letting me
know it’s ready for pickup. I can’t wait to see if the cPC will
turn out to be a perfect travel companion!

Some pix after the jump…

In hand…

Here is a stackup of the gear I’m taking with me to NYC next week. Bottom to Top: CPC, Thinkoutside Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetake BT510 Bluetooth mouse, Bluetake BT007si Bluetooth dongle, Ambicom 802.11g WiFi CF card (included with the cPC).

Here is everything all setup and ready to go!

I had some problems getting the keyboard and mouse to pair up with the BT dongle, but after some cussing, things finally fell into place. Getting these three items to play nice together, is about all I was able to accomplish tonight.

A couple of things that I noticed right away:

1. I wish there were dedicated page up / page down buttons for both modes (WM5 and XP).
2. When in XP mode, the cPC gets very warm and the fans kick on.

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