Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-05-24

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It’s raining iPod cases…and I feel so left out because I can’t
use them all. But that’s okay because my loss is your gain. How?
Read on.

Womp! has sent me four
iPod cases, one of each including:

genuine leather Womp! Pink Skull pouch for the iPod Classic

shown here…

black leather with red stitching Womp! Wallet for the iPod
shown here…

Womp! Urban Camo case for the iPod Mini
shown here…

Womp!’s newest 5th generation iPod Video in Desert Camo

All of the cases are very well made and they look great! Except
for the black Nano case, each have a clip on the back.

If you would
like one, tell me about yourself, your gear, and which case you
would like to have. Include a picture of yourself and a of couple
paragraphs about the types of gadgets you like and/or

That’s all if takes to compose a Gadgeteer of The
Month entry
, and that is what your submitted BIO will be used for.

For those that have been wondering, let me state for the record right here
and now that being GOTM does not rely on whether or not you have more gear than
someone else, it is simply a show case of our readers and the gear that they
carry every day.

If your standard gear is a cell phone and an iPod, that’s
great. If your standard gear is something more exotic, then we would like to
hear about that, too. :0)

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