Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-04-13

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Well, I am suffering from a bit of disappointment and
disillusionment with DualCor
at the moment. This week various gadget sites have been bubbling
with the news that the pricing on my latest dream device has
increased by
. According to several sources on the web,
, the only company that (as of yet) is selling the
device, set its price at $2,000 instead of the $1500 that we were
all expecting. I have written to Andrew Bergin, the
Westwood Texas Senior Account Representative, and I hope that he
will write back to let me know if this pricing is correct.

If it’s true, then I am not sure if I will still be on the
DualCor bandwagon. For some reason, the extra $500 really offends
me. I am not consoled by the three-year warranty being offered,
because other than my two laptops (that have never needed a day of
service, I might add), there are very few if any
electronic devices I own which have even made it to the three year

I’m not sure why, but I have some sort of mental block in place
about two thousand dollars versus fifteen hundred
; just saying the amount makes me wince. It’s only five
hundred dollars more, but it feels like a whole different
stratosphere of pricing.

Don’t get me wrong – $1500 is bad enough…it’s two

iPAQ 4700s
back when they were brand new ($650 each) with $200
left over. It’s $300 less than a full price
HTC Apache
($599) and a
Dell Duo Processor
Laptop (priced at $1099 today with $600
instant savings). $1500 is an
HTC Universal
($1000), a Samsung A900 ($300) and $200 left to
play with. $1500 is a lot of money – but for a mini Tablet PC with
a dual WM5 processor, up to eight hours battery life, and all the
other little goodies
that are supposed to be packed into that 6.5″ x 3.3″ x 1.2″ block
of gadgetry…I am totally willing to spend the money.

$2000, though; that just feels like a whole new
ball game. It’s $100 less than three
Dell Pentium D Processor with Dual Core Technology
computers, priced today at $699 a piece after the $400 instant
savings. It’s $200 less than two of those $1100
Dell Duo Processor
laptops. It’s exactly four of the
$500 Dell
I recently purchased. I mean…dang!

I can understand bulk pricing for businesses – but I don’t get
putting out a press release promising a 1st quarter release and a
$1500 price point only to come back and say that it will be $2,000
for anyone that isn’t basically ordering in bulk. I cry foul.

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