Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-12-05

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For those of you that just got an eleven-email blast from Julie and me in your inbox, I apologize. You see, we are about to head to Seattle for Mobius
2005 and we didn’t want to leave without giving you all lots to read.

We’ll be gone Tuesday through Friday, hopefully learning about the newest PPC
Phones and other interesting devices in the land of Gates. As usual, we will
write up a full report once we’ve returned…but if something really interesting
happens while we are away, I will definitely post a blurb with my handy

Speaking of which! I was getting a pedicure this morning during which I was
catching up on all of my RSS feeds with
Newsbreak. Laurie,
the tech that has been painting flowers on my toes for years, wanted to know
what I was doing. She is used to watching me read on my PDA while she does her
thing, but I was tapping merrily away and there were some resulting blips and
bleeps – I think she thought I was playing a game. Her jaw just dropped when I
told her I was downloading the news and surfing the internet. She was really
impressed when I said that I was also watching my eBay auctions and had just
ordered a couple items from the

J Crew sale
. Then my mom called from out of town and wanted me to email her
some information that she needed when she got back – I did that immediately so I
wouldn’t forget. In some ways it really does feel like the future is now.

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