Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-10-02

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Yes, yet again – you can call me "fickle girl".

I have been greatly enjoying my
Samsung i550
(see previous diary entries), but my interest was piqued by the elusive
JasJar, and
then I was finally swayed by the

Sprint PPC-6700
. Or at least, I think I will be if I can actually get
my hands on one. I am not a Sprint "business customer", so I am not "allowed" to
buy one yet. I have been calling Sprint every couple of days trying to order
one, and I am sure they’ll break down and let me…eventually. ;0)

So anyway, I love the idea of a connected mini laptop running Windows Mobile
5. Now that The Gadgeteer has had it’s major back-end redesign, posting reviews
and diary entries has become ridiculously simple from any computer or PDA – and
a PDA phone with touch-screen and keyboard seems like my next logical step.

Now about the PPC-6700: I like the pictures showing how itty-bitty it is –
while still packing a 3.5" screen. It doesn’t have VGA, but that’s not a deal
breaker. The PPC-6700 has both WiFi & BT, and since it also works on the Sprint
network – for me – it is the clear winner over the GSM/GPRS
JasJar. I guess an added bonus will be that depending on where I travel, I’ll
also be able to use the EV-DO network with this device.

I have been lurking in the
on pdaPhoneHome,
and even though I wish I had one in my hot little hand, I can admit that for
once it is nice to let someone else be the Beta tester – which is how it seems,
considering some of the bugs being discovered and discussed. Hopefully by
mid-October, when us "regular customers" are also allowed to buy these, some of
the more common quirks may be ironed out.

Now before I get a hundred emails offering to buy the i550, I have to tell
you all that it has already been promised to Mark, or reidme as he is known

That is all…for now. ;0)

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