Brando WorkShop Sony PSP Clip Case

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In the past couple of months, we’ve looked at several options for protecting your Sony PlayStation Portable from everyday wear and tear. Now PSP fans have yet another choice for protection, with the leather Clip Case from Brando’s Workshop. Available in Black smooth grained leather with contrasting white stitching, this case is made in the same ‘book style’ that we’ve come to expect from Brando branded cases. This one has a simple design that is suited for less rugged activities. You won’t want to rely on it for your next camping trip or off-road adventure, as it’s best used for transport to and from a gear bag or briefcase.

This product gets its name from the clear plastic clip cradle system that is used to hold the PSP in the bottom half of the case. The clip is molded in such a way, that the PSP can snap into it securely, allowing for full play-through use of the device. A plastic post in the bottom left corner of the clip, mates with a screw hole on the bottom of the PSP. This keeps the PSP from sliding horizontally out of the cradle.

When snapped in, you have access to all of the PSP’s buttons and important features. The only area that is difficult to access, is the MemoryStick Duo slot. The clip keeps the PSP elevated from the bottom of the leather case, so that you can even swap game discs, without needed to remove the PSP.

The bottom of the case where the PSP is located, is lined in a velvet like material. The PSP really doesn’t come into much contact with this material due to the plastic clip. The upper portion of the case, has 2 recessed MemoryStick Duo slots, and 3 card slots. The card slots are business / credit card sized, and can not hold extra game discs. I’m not exactly sure, why you would need business card slots in a PSP case, but they are there if you do…

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The cover of the Clip Case is held closed with a strong magnet snap. When closed the PSP is only protected completely on one side. The left, right, and front edges are almost fully exposed. That’s why I mentioned at the start of the review, that this case isn’t recommended for hardcore use. Actually playing games while the PSP is in the Clip Case is fine. The screen cover doesn’t seem to get in the way as it just hangs over the back of your hands.

I would have to say that this is my least favorite PSP case so far. There isn’t anything physically wrong with it, it is made very well, and looks nice. But, I still prefer the cheaper Brando’s Aero case as it can hold some extra games in addition to the PSP. While it isn’t play-through, I don’t mind removing the PSP when I want to play games. That said, if this is the style of case that you prefer, the Clip Case from Brando’s Workshop will probably make you happy.


Product Information

  • Play-through
  • Holds 2 Memory Stick Duo cards
  • PSP only protected on one side
  • Can't access Memory Stick Duo slot while in case

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