Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-09-15

I purchased an unlocked Audiovox SMT5600 smartphone from eBay earlier this week. I just picked it up at the post office this morning. I like the size, it feels good in my hand. Tonight after work, I’ll try syncing my PIM info using PocketMac Pro on the iMac. Here’s hoping this phone satisfies me for awhile. Now I need to go shopping for a miniSD card! ;o)

Update: I thought it was odd that this supposedly NEW phone did not have a plastic ‘skin’ over the display, and came in a box that was not sealed… But when I finally got time to put my SIM card in and try it out, I found that the address book was populated, and there were still emails on it. BUT, that wasn’t all I found… The SMT5600 has a built in camera, so I went into the photo album, and sure enough, there were quite a few saved snapshots… Including one of someone mooning the camera. I’m not easily offended, so the picture only caused me to chuckle. However, I am peeved that this eBay seller sold this phone as NEW when it obviously is not.

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