Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-08-01

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Happy Monday everyone! Yeah, I know that I shouldn’t be so peppy, but the work day is half over already and I have a fun review scheduled for tonight that will hopefully be of interest. Nope, no hints… You’ll just have to check back later.

I haven’t returned the Nokia 6230 yet to my local Cingular store. I plan to do that sometime early this week. I’m actually thinking I’m going to end up with another Treo 650 or a PPC phone. It has become pretty nice only needing to tote around 1 device with me instead of 2. We’ll see though.

Oh, I noticed something really wacky this weekend with my Treo’s contact data. All of a sudden, people’s addresses are missing. This has to be a Mac / iSync issue. Anyone else noticed this problem? The addresses are in my address book on the Mac, but aren’t on the Palm… Another interesting fact is that the addresses do show up on my Pocket PC which is syncing to my Mac using MissingSync.

I’ve been surfing around at lunch and thought I would share a couple fun links that I’ve come across. Not gadget / gizmo related though. Enjoy…

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