Extreme Limit Ultra Light-weight Suit for the Sony PSP

If you’re not into vinyl, plastic, metal or thick leather as a material for
your PlayStation Portable (PSP) case, then maybe the Ultra Light-weight Suit
from Extreme Limit is more your
speed. Available in 2 styles: flap type and open, this case is made of a soft
ultra microfiber black suede with contrasting red stitching. I was sent the case
with the flap.

This case is play through and almost totally encloses the PSP when the flap
cover is closed (with a Velcro tab). Only the corners remain exposed. Cutouts on
the face of the case allow for access to the screen, and all of the buttons. The
cutouts line up well enough, but the case material always seemed to get in the
way of my thumbs when trying to press buttons.

The case is pretty simple in design. The only extras are 3 media slots. A UMD
slot on the backside exterior, and 2 Memory stick slots in the interior spine
area of the case.

UMD pocket on the outside of the case

For the most part, I usually like Extreme Limit cases. Unfortunately, I’m not
too fond of this particular case for several reasons. 1. The overall fit is too
loose. 2. Velcro is used to hold the cover closed. 3. The suede material is a
huge lint and dust magnet. :o(  Hopefully they will come out with a better
case soon…


Price: 3450 Yen (~ $31.66)

Play through
UMD and Memory stick slots
Screen polishing cloth is included

Lint and dust magnet
Velcro is used to hold the cover closed

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