Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-06-13

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Mother nature must really hate me… Last Sunday it was raining and rumbling just a bit, nothing major, when all of a sudden POW POW POW! I saw orange sparks outside the window. Looked around and didn’t notice anything on fire, so I went about my business. Later that evening, when I went to watch some TV, my DirecTV receiver said all my satellite channels were trying to find a signal. Oh oh… The next day, I had a repair guy come out and sure enough, my LNB was toast. He replaced it, and I thought all was good in the world again. Well, except for the $200 bill he gave me! All wasn’t good though. 3 days later I noticed that my ReplayTV 5040 box was showing no info in the online guide. I scratched my head and tried to do a net connect. No luck. Guess what? The storm also fried the ethernet port in the Replay. It wouldn’t be so bad if the modem in the Replay box hadn’t been fried last year. Do you see a pattern here? ;o)

To get back at Mother Nature, I did some eBay shopping today and snagged myself a DirecTV HR10-250 HD satellite receiver with Tivo built in. I’ve never had Tivo before, so it will be ineresting to see how it differs from Replay. I should have it tomorrow. That is if Mother Nature cooperates.

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