Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-01-17

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It must be kismet…no sooner had I mentioned that I had placed an order for the Sony DSC-M1, when one of our BB members (inspector_gaget) posted that he was not very thrilled with his. He was able to succinctly explain why, without making me question his loyalties to a particular brand or if there was any other motive. Since my order had already been placed, I figured that I would just receive the camera and then judge for myself. But I have to admit that after reading the professional reviews that he linked to, and seeing how none of them were on a post-production model, I was feeling a little bit leery.
I went to check the status of my order last night, and found that it had been cancelled. Evidently the place that I ordered from (Zoomania), which had the best price (over $100 off retail) was no longer offering them for that amount – but for higher.
When I didn't call them back the other day to accept the new price (why couldn't they just send me an email?), they cancelled the order.
I have to admit that I am a little bit relieved. I may yet get one of these, but now I think I might rather “play with one in the store” to be sure that it is for me. It's kismet, I tell you…

To totally switch gears for a moment: I am playing a new game called WordPop!, which is available from our affiliate store at ClickGamer. I love word puzzles, and this one is truly enjoyable! Similar to other word-making games, different letters have different values, and the more you string together, the more points you rack up. If you clear the board, then you advance to the next level. If you enjoy word puzzles, give this one a try. Share your scores with me and we'll see who is better. ;0)

Steve wrote a trip report for our Hawaii vacation. If you are interested, take a look at Julie's and my other site, Traveling Fools.

One last thing – I have 27 entries for the Free iPod and 30 for the Free TV. I am shutting down each list with the names that are there now, so that there will be decent odds for those who have entered. As I have mentioned, we have met the requirements for the iPod, and I am waiting for them to finish reviewing my account. I anticipate that the requirements will soon be met for the TV (especially with so many entries), and I will keep you posted…Thank everyone! Assuming we actually receive the products without a hitch, this should be a very fun article to write! :0)

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