Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-09-18

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This is my Public Service Message for the week: If you have been watching my list of favorite Palm and Pocket PC programs for any length of time, then you'll know that eWallet, by Ilium Software has been on that list since the beginning.
I consider this program to be absolutely necessary. In all honesty, I would not even consider moving to an OS that the program could not be run upon. I have the desktop version, which syncs perfectly with both my Palm and Pocket PC.
Recently, eWallet underwent a major upgrade to version 4, and there are quite a few goodies that make it well worth the switch: You can have categories within categories, shareable wallet files, icon files, unlimited card categories, sync-pro syncronization and even a password hint for people who never can remember theirs. This program has great customizable graphics that make cards look professional and quickly identifiable.
If you are storing sensitive data on your Pocket PC or Palm, then you need the protection that eWallet's RC4 encryption algorithm with 128 bit key provides. Don't take the chance that your passwords might fall into someone else's hands – protect them with eWallet.

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