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Name: Justin Noland
Location: Vancouver, Washington

When I noticed that Frankie Rossi was the youngest (I think) Gadgeteer that
has been featured (age 15) I thought ‘Hey, other geek teens do exist!’ And I
figured that if he could make it, I might be able to too. I am 14, and live in
Vancouver, Washington. Tech is pretty much my life, and it is because of my tech
that I do not have a social life to speak of. I have been obsessed with
computers and gadgets since I was old enough to afford them. For Christmas of
2001, I got a Sony Handicam, and have been accumulating the gadgets ever since.

Currently, my gadget collection consists of a Palm Vx, a Casio Pocket Viewer, A
Casio BE-300 (all retired). A Casio E125 is being shipped as I write this, but
my main PDA is my beloved iPAQ 3850. It is my pride and joy and is with me where
ever I am (save the shower, I might consider putting it in a Ziploc bag, as I
seem to suffer withdrawal syndrome symptoms if I am without it for those brief
15 minutes.) I own a GPS sleeve, a 64 meg SD card as well as a 256 meg SD card,
a portable keyboard and a 128 meg CF card, all for my iPAQ. Also, I just
purchased my new Fossil watch with MSN Direct (which is truly amazing might I
add). Add to this list my two desktops: an HP Pavilion desktop and my brand new
eMachines desktop with 17.1 inch Samsung flat panel display. Also, an IBM
Thinkpad 600X laptop which is pretty much trash because of a power issue. And
finally my 5 cellular phones (I only have one serviced, obviously)

I know you are probably thinking “I hate kids that have parents that buy them
everything,” yes, well, me too. So you will be happy to know I work for
everything I own, save Christmas/ birthday gifts. I have worked for the past
year for the eMachines and that monitor.

Also, I am on the computer from the time my homework is done until 10:00. During
the summer, I am on it from 3:00 after work (the legal working age up here is
14) until probably 11:00PM. I am fairly active in the PPX3k forums and also am
an avid follower of the PPCMag forums. Most of my life is oriented around the
PocketPC, as it is my handheld operating system of choice, mainly because it is
beautiful and VERY effective. Because I am a power handheld user, and the things
I do go far beyond my contacts and tasks, PocketPC 2002/ MS Mobile 2003 is the
only OS that supports my very demanding needs for a handheld.

Well, that is pretty much me, in all of my geeky, gadgety glory. So please pick
me for Gadgeteer of the month!

Justin “iPAQman” Noland

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  2. I swear to God this kid basically had to one up on me everything and did it as though I cared. I was just surprised to see that I inspired such a youngen to take the lead and be proud of being a nerd… I do wonder what happened to this kid and why he never made an effort to reach out to me seeing as we both lived in the same town….

    Oh well.


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