Julie’s Gear Diary – 2004-08-09

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In other news, being the fickle girl that I am, I'm starting to think about switching back to the PC as my main computer again. No, I haven't fallen out of love with my PowerBook… But I do continue to have some issues that are starting to make me consider going back to the dark side. The main problem I have is syncing my Pocket PC with the Mac. I've tried PocketMac and MissingSync and have had issues with both. Both are much slower than ActiveSync on a PC, neither sync notes and both have problems installing software that doesn't come in the .CAB file format. The other issue that I have is mainly the fact that my PC is faster than the Mac at most tasks. Especially working with digital photos, which I do quite a lot of.

I have to send my PowerBook into Apple to get a faulty RAM slot repaired, so we'll see how much I miss it while it's gone. Even if I do switch back to the PC, I'll most likely keep the PowerBook as my travel computer.

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