Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-07-21

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Today, I ordered the iPAQ 4705 from eCost…and the total – including shipping – was $569.37. That's pretty good, considering that eCost's posted price was $649 (it lowers once you add the PDA to your basket), and I had heard that the final retail price might be as high as $699! :0P
The one downside is that eCost has a really harsh return policy, so if for some reason I don't like the iPAQ I will be stuck with it. Luckily, based on its specs, I don't really think that will be a problem. :0)

In non-gadget related news: I signed up for the special offers at British Airways, and was surprised to see the number of titles and salutations available in the pull-down menu. Think about it – in the USA we have Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms, and maybe Dr.
British Airways offers all of those plus such wonders as Barones, Crown Princess, Her Majesty, Sheikha, and the like. I should have registered as Her Gadget-ness. ;0)

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