Julie’s Gear Diary – 2004-04-20

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More PC to Mac Switch Adventures

Last night was my first attempt at writing a review on the PowerBook. I used a freeware application called TacoEdit to write the HTML. This is a simple app that can have a split screen that has your editor on top, and a live preview window on the bottom that updates as you type the raw HTML code in the top pane. The only problem is that it does not include a spellchecker…

I didn't have an image editor installed yet on the PB, so I had to do my review pictures on the PC. I have used Microsoft's PhotoDraw for years. I'll be needing to find a replacement ASAP.

I found that I also needed to use the PC to FTP the images to the web server. What's a good FTP client for the Mac? Is there already one built in that I'm not aware of?

Besides writing the review last night, I finally got around to plugging in my iPod. I was worried that it wouldn't like the fact that it is a Windows formatted iPod. I was happy that it didn't seem to matter at all. I plugged it in, a window on the PB popped up saying it was an iPod associated with a different iTunes library, and did I want to now use this library. I said yes and proceeded to replace 155 songs. I'm guessing these were all music that I had purchased through iTunes.

I also downloaded the Palm Desktop 4.1 for the Mac and tried to sync my Sony CLIE TH55. Several of you had emailed saying that I shouldn't need the MissingSync, that I should be able to just install the desktop and hotsync without any problems. Nope. It wouldn't initiate the hotsync at all on the PB. So, I installed MarkSpace's MissingSync for the CLIE, pressed the hotsync button on my cable and badda boom badda bing, it took right off! Look for a full review of MissingSync for the Tapwave Zodiac soon… Now I just need to figure out how to get it to sync my ToDos and sync Pocket TV Browser's TV Guide content. I think I'm going to be SOL on the latter…

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