iShield iPod Case Review

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Product Requirements:
15, 30 and 40GB iPod models

The iShield case from Pacific
Rim Technologies
is not just any old
case. This one is built like a tank and can be customized with
different colored chrome shells.


Made of ABS plastic, the main part of this case is iPod white. The removable
chrome shells which are made of scratch-resistant anodized aluminum, are
available in blue, orange, green, burgundy and chrome. I was sent the chrome
version of the iShield. Two clips on either side of the case lock the shell in
place. Removing the shell takes a bit of practice, mainly because they are
almost too slippery to get a grip on.


The iPod slides into the case from the top, requiring you to open the flip
cover first. The cover has two sliding locking clips on either side. Opening the
cover requires two hands, one hand to pull both locks down at the same time and
one hand to flip the cover open. Once you have the cover opened, it is an easy
task to slide the iPod into the neoprene lined interior. The fit is nice and
snug. There are no worries that your favorite music player could slip out on


This case is compatible with the 15, 30 and 40GB models. A neoprene spacer is
included for the thinner 15GB model, so that it will fit snuggly in the case.

While enclosed in the iShield, you have access to all of the iPod’s features.
A large cutout reveals the menu buttons and navigation wheel. Even though the
case is quite thick, I had no problems pressing any of the buttons or scrolling
through lists of songs. Cutouts on the top and bottom of the case allow you to
plug in headphones, access the hold switch and plug in the sync/charge cable.


The flip cover is frosted around the sides and top, but has a clear window
over the iPod’s display. Viewing information through this window is not a
problem at all.


The back of the case has a spring loaded pinch style belt clip. The bottom of
the clip has a J hook that can grab your belt to keep it from accidentally
coming off. Although the Pacific Rim Technologies website says that the belt
clip is removable, I was unable to figure out how to remove it. I was afraid to
try to snap it off, for fear of breaking it.

An added benefit of the belt clip is the fact that it can rotate to allow you
to wear the case in either horizontal or vertical orientations. I also found
that the clip makes a great stand to keep the iPod at an optimal viewing angle
when resting on a desk.


While this is a cool case, there are a few gotchas that should be considered.
The main problem that I found with the iShield is the fact that the case adds
considerable bulk and weight to my iPod. The empty case weighs in at 3.1oz. Some
other little annoyances that should also be considered, are the fact that the
chrome shells show fingerprints and smudges, and that removing the iPod from
this case requires you to push up it from the bottom sync/charger cutout. Taking
all of that into consideration, I found the iShield to be an eye catching case
that will protect your iPod from everyday abuse and then some.


Price: $39.99

Rotating belt-clip

Won’t fit in docking cradle
Flip cover requires to hands to open
Shells show fingerprints/smudges


Product Information

Manufacturer:Pacific Rim Technologies
  • Customizable
  • Rotating belt-clip
  • Won't fit in docking cradle
  • Flip cover requires to hands to open
  • Shells show fingerprints/smudges

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