Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-02-02

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It seems like a million years ago that I was a Datebk3 user. I loved creating appointments then distinguishing them with little icons, and the floating appointments were a real convenience. Then I switched to the Pocket PC OS and I started using products made for that platform.
Now that I am back in the “Palm Camp,” it is time to get a more advanced Date Book than the stock item that shipped with my Zodiac. Enter DateBk5, the newest incarnation from Pimlico Software, Inc.
It has been amazing to see the advances from the old DateBk3 program (which I enjoyed so much) to DateBk5.
DateBk 5 is so feature laden, that I am still discovering all that it can do. Some of the highlights include: Full integration of To-Dos on the same screen as the Calendar, my old friend – floating reminders, quick entry templates, categories, editable icons, a colorful GUI that fits my 320×480 Zodiac's screen, management of items in multiple time zones, linking, and a plethora of other useful features.
If the stock Date Book that came with your Palm isn't “doing it” for you, then consider checking out DateBk5. If you are using a newer Palm OS device, such as a Sony UX-50/40, Tungsten E or T3, Treo600, Garmin iQue-3600, or Tapwave Zodiac, then you should use the newest step-release, si Interim Preview. As if added functionality and all of the other features weren't enough, all proceeds from the sales of Pimlico's shareware products go to Gorilla Haven, the developer's own sanctuary for Western Lowland Gorillas in the North Georgia Mountains…very cool. :0)

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