Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-08-26

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When I was a kid, I can remember my mom having several books on graphoanalysis scattered among her psychology texts from college. I thought it was fascinating that the way people write and the strokes that they make might actually provide an insight into their personalities. While mom was quick to point out that like anything else, handwriting analysis can be open to interpretation, she felt that there really was something to it. I can remember looking at samples of different aquaintances's handwriting and trying to analyze their loops and slashes. Sure enough – there were times when I thought I would get a flash of insight into their characters.
Fast forward to 2003, and instead of having to flip through pages and pages of different handwriting examples – trying to match up to a sample, I can instead just answer some questions (based on a handwriting sample) in a Palm based program and get a pretty decent analysis. Graphologist, by Tomas Drahokoupil, shows a series of samples on your Palm's screen. You just have to place a tick mark next to the ones that apply. After a passing through the questions, a final report is generated which can be exported to the Memo pad.
Whether you think there is anything to it or not, it is rather entertaining. I would post my results, but they actually seem to be pretty dead-on accurate, making me a little leery of posting my inner workings in such a public forum…wild, huh?

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