RIVET Power Broker Kit Review

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The RIVET Fastening System is a more modern version of an old fashioned item: the plastic belt clip. We all know that Gadgeteer’s love their gear. But what do we do when we want to keep that gear close to us? Pockets can work fine, but quite often the object that we want to carry with us is just too large. That’s where the belt clip comes in. There are belt clips for PDAs, belt clips for mobile phones, belt clips for MP3 players, and so on and so on. Of course, there’s nothing really wrong with a good old black plastic belt clip. But, a true Gadgeteer likes to seek out a solution that is just a little better, a little flashier, and let’s face it, a whole lot cooler. That’s where the RIVET system comes in….

The RIVET system is comprised of several components which make up a kit. Depending on the kit, they will allow you to fasten your gadgets to practically anything you desire. You can wear an object on your belt. Attach it to your waist band, attach it to your backpack, or even attach it to the dash of your car. The kit that I will be reviewing is the Power Broker kit. Let’s take a look at each component.

The E-Clip is the foundation for the whole RIVET system. It is a smallish assembly crafted of brushed aircraft quality alloy and stainless steel. This is the widget in which your gear will fasten to. The E-Clip has a spring loaded top entry opening which can accept various steel pins. The pin slides into the opening, down a channel and comes to rest at the bottom. Pins can not slide back up through the top opening. To release the pin, you press the spring loaded button at the bottom. This allows you to slide the pin out the end of the E-Clip. Pretty slick!

The pins included in the reviewed kit are the fixed pin and multi pen. Approximately the size of a dime, the fixed pin has an adhesive backing which can be attached to the back of a mobile phone, PDA, etc. I personally don’t like attaching anything sticky to my gear, so I was hesitant to try it. I did however decide to attach it to my mobile phone. The pin did not come off my phone in the week or so that I tested it. A second adhesive pad is included in the kit in the event that you need to move the pin to a different device. Although the adhesive is supposed to be of industrial strength, I’m still not sure how much I trust it. I would have to do some long term testing before I would be satisfied that it might not fall off accidentally during heavy or rough usage.

The multi pin allows you to either attach devices to the E-Clip lanyard style, or by a tiny split ring. I think the multi pin work better for smaller objects that you don’t mind dangling from your belt.

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The back of the E-Clip has a quick release system which accepts different back plates. Included in the Power Broker kit are 3 plates. A fabric pin plate, belt clip plate, and a adhesive plate. The fabric pin plate allows you to attach the E-Clip to your clothes, a backpack, purse strap etc. It has two very sharp pins that you must press through the material and then into the back of the E-Clip. Two spring buttons on either side of the E-Clip allow you to disengage the back plate for removal.

The belt clip plate is a strong metal J style belt clip that can accommodate a 1.5in wide belt. Two blunt end pins press into the back of the E-Clip and are held there securely. If you like, you can also screw the belt clip plate into the back of the E-Clip with 2 screws which are included in the kit. This is a good option for those people that only want to use the E-Clip as a belt clip.

The adhesive plate allows you to fasten the E-Clip on to a flat surface such as a car dash. A second adhesive pad is included in the event that you wish to move the plate to a different location.

The RIVET system is a stylish product that is made of high quality components. As far as security, I’m not sure that your gadgets are any more secure using the RIVET system, than with a plastic belt clip. But, they sure are fun to fiddle with and look great attached to your belt or backpack. Other kits are available from RoadWired.


Product Information

  • Several fastening options in one kit
  • Easy to use
  • Great looking
  • Not sure how secure the adhesive pads really are.

5 thoughts on “RIVET Power Broker Kit Review”

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  2. I guess the real value is in having 2 of the E-Clip each with a different backing plate. Eg one for your belt and one for the dash of your car holding your phone/hheld somewhere that you can see it and get power connected.

    I dont really see a great deal of value in a moduler system when you only have one of the key element – changing the backing plate is not the sort of thing you would want to do everytime you got in and out of the car (for example).

  3. Actually, removing the E-CLIP from the plates is easy. You simply squeeze the two buttons on the sides of the clip, and it disengages. The only clip this wouldn’t work well with is the belt clip plate (if you also screw it into the back of the e-clip).

  4. Cons:
    Not sure how secure the adhesive pads really are.

    You’re right. The adhesive pad isn’t too great. I had mine come off, and send my phone tumbling onto concrete a week ago. Weird thing is, I stuck it back on, and couldn’t pry it off. But I’m not going to hang it from the sticky pad anymore.

  5. Best clip system I have seen on the market.
    In regards to the other post.

    QUOTE:: The adhesive pad isn’t too great. I had mine come off, and send my phone tumbling onto concrete a week ago. Weird thing is, I stuck it back on, and couldn’t pry it off.

    The true solution is to set the pin the night before and enjoy the system the next day.
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