iPod Armor Case Review

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Product Requirements:
All current versions of the Apple iPod

Are you a protection freak when it comes to your gadgets? I’ve definitely
become that way with my iPod. Nothing
is going to put a scratch or nick on my musical companion if I have anything to
say about it! I think I’ve come across an almost perfect solution to keep my
iPod from harm. It’s the iPod Armor hard case from
Matias Corporation.

This case will remind PDA owners of the famous Rhinoskin cases. Like them,
this one is an anodized aluminum case that almost totally encloses the iPod.
Measuring 4.37” x 2.64” x 1.06” (111 x 67 x 27 mm) and weighing in at 2.26 oz
(64 g), it does add some bulk to your otherwise compact device.

The case has rounded sides and feels comfortable to hold. Even though the molded cover of the Armor case looks like the
front of the original iPods (nav wheel, no menu buttons),
as of now, it is compatible with all current iPod models. I tested this case with
my 30gb iPod and it fit perfectly.

The Armor case is lined with neoprene. Besides functioning as a great shock
absorber, this material actually holds the iPod in the case without the need of
Velcro or clips that might scratch the player’s surface. To insert the iPod, you
just press it into the cavity of the case. The top of the iPod does come in
contact with the white nylon case clasp. I’ve inserted and removed my iPod from
this case numerous times though and haven’t noticed any scratches as result. The
metal edges of the case are not sharp or rough, so you don’t have to worry about
that either.

The neoprene is thick enough to cushion and hold the iPod in place. You can even
turn the Armor case upside and shake it without the iPod falling out. The lid of
the case is also lined in neoprene, so when the case is closed, it is protected
on all sides by this soft material. Speaking of the lid, it closes with a
satisfying click. There’s no worry that it can come open on its own. It’s
actually a little difficult to open… There are some nubby bumps at the top
sides of the cover that are supposed to facilitate opening the case. I found
that I need a pretty good grip on the main part of the case in order to open it.
The aluminum is a bit slippery. I think the case could use some nubs or ridges on
the main part also.

When closed, your iPod is almost completely protected. The only area that is
not enclosed is the top. There are two windows in the nylon top which allows
access to the earphone jack and hold switch. The material is thick enough that
the iPod is still very well protected in the event of a drop.

To remove the iPod from the Armor case I use my fingernail in the remote slot
next to the earphone jack to pry the unit’s top out of the case. A little
awkward, but doable.

In everyday use, I’ve enjoyed using the iPod Armor case as transport
protection. I put my iPod in the Armor case, and then plop it in my gear bag
without fear that it will be scratched or crushed by other objects in the bag. Once I get to my destination, I almost
always remove the iPod from the case. Although you can play music while the player is in the
case, I find that the cover gets in my way if I want to leave it open to view
the iPod’s display. I really wish that the cover had a plastic window so that
you could view the display while the cover was closed.

My other reason for mainly using this case just to transport my iPod, is the
fact that you have to remove it from the case in order to dock / sync / charge
it. A cutout at the bottom for the fire wire connecter would be nice too.

An optional belt-clip for the Armor case is available either separately or
with the case. You have to attach it to the back of the case using an adhesive
post. Although Matias included the belt-clip with the case they sent to me, I
didn’t test it. I didn’t want to stick it on my otherwise ‘clean’ case. I also
didn’t like the thoughts that it was held on with adhesive… I’d rather the post be
screwed directly into the back of the case.

The iPod Armor case is probably the most protective case available for your
iPod at this time. Although it does add some bulk to your player, it looks nice,
and feels good in hand. But most importantly, it will protect your investment from
everyday abuse to moderate knocking around.


Price: $49.95 ($54.95 for case and belt-clip)

Great protection from scratches and crushing
Can play music while case is closed

Can’t see display while cover is closed
Must remove to sync / charge with dock


Product Information

Manufacturer:Matias Corporation
  • Great protection from scratches and crushing
  • Can play music while case is closed
  • Can't see display while cover is closed
  • Must remove to sync / charge with dock

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