Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-06-01

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I'm loving my iPod! I've been ripping my entire CD collection a little at a time all weekend. I've run across CDs that I didn't even remember buying. For example, the soundtrack to the movie Eddie and the Cruisers. And then there are CDs that I should probably should never admit to owning, like Hanson. Oh boy, MmmmmmBop! Ha! Fun stuff! Thankfully, I put a FAST CDRW in my new computer that I just built. This thing can rip an entire CD (10-12 songs) in a little over 2mins.

I went ahead and installed Music Match which came with the iPod to see how well it synced. The first sync was fine, but after adding another 600 or so tracks to my library and trying to sync a 2nd time, it fell flat on its face. So, I'm now using a freebie application called Ephpod. It is working MUCH better!

So, let me hear from all you other iPod folks, are there any accessories I should not be living without? Let me know!

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