Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-05-01

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I got quite a shock tonight. My Tungsten|T has been “dimming” on me over the last couple months, which I remedied by turning the brightness all the way to the top. I finally decided to call Palm, when I noticed that my battery life wasn't all that it used to be, either. Guess what, all the times that I have bragged about the excellent customer service and warranty repairs Palm provided over other companies (such as SONY), were for naught. Sometime between tonight and the last time I had to send a Palm in for warranty work (after 90 days, but well within the 1 year warranty), Palm started charging $25 for calls to their Technical support line. Even if you know, as I did, that a hard reset isn't going to solve your problems, you will still get to perform one with your own customer service rep (mine was Janet). If you are as lucky as I was, you will also get to basically remove all of your backup files and start from scratch for a couple days to see if that solves the problem. Even though basic logic tells you that it won't. If I call back and say that my problem has not been resolved, then I can send my unit in for a refurb, at the cost of $39.99 (but at least I won't have to pay the $25 for the original service call). It's not very often that I get this frustrated, I even had to call Julie and vent! Anyone else been through something like this?? It tempted me to order a completely different branded PDA tonight! UGH. Well, misery loves company, so let me hear your customer service horror stories… :0)

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