Speck Product’s iPod FlipStand Review

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Product Requirements:
Apple iPod

My iPod is completely integrated into my life.

As soon as I get out of bed in the morning, I grab my little mp3 player and
hit the workout machine, or take a walk – it is with me. I can listen in the
car, and it is a constant companion in my cube at work. Before the FlipStand by
Speck Products came across my desk,
Smokey (my iPod) was nestled in a custom Vaja
leather case.

Sure, Vaja is the Cadillac of cases, but the case covers up the form-factor
of the little device that I carry with me everywhere (granted, I could have
ordered it in the white leather, but that just brings back too many memories of
a friend’s 1971 Lincoln Continental, and the 70’s are best left to the past)

Even if the FlipStand were just a basic case, I would like it. Looking at the
item, it seems to be a big brother to the iPod, embracing the style of the
player, rather than covering it. Granted the functionality of this case comes
with the price of added bulk (see pics for size comparison)

However, this case has a little trick to it, the control wheel cover flips
around to the back to make a stand (hence the name…).

The case is made from white plastic that looks right at home with any of the
“i” products from Apple, though the control wheel cover is a light grey that I
could personally do without. The plastic is smooth to the touch, but not slick –
I didn’t even drop this thing once!!!

The iPod is inserted by popping open the hinged top, placing a spacer (one
for the current 10 gig models, one for the 5 gig and older models, and nothing
for the 20 giggers) and sliding it in. With the top closed, there is a hole for
the headphones to fit, but the hold switch and Firewire port are covered (I was
really happy to remove the Firewire cover on my 10 gig – the protection was
nice, but removing it for its nightly charge got really old really fast).

With the top closed, we came to the first problem – a rattle from the top of
the case. Being the modifying freak that I am, I discarded the provided spacer
and went to the stick-on felt (one of the greatest inventions of the modern
world). Even with TWO sheets of felt (and the cases bulging uncomfortably) the
rattle was still present.

The unit comes with a detachable belt clip (I would have preferred a
universal clip design – as the Ultra Clip is my method of car mounting, but
modifying the existing clip does seem too challenging). The tension on the clip
was a little loose for my taste, but the item never fell from my belt, so I can
not complain too much.

All right, this case is all about the stand, right? For those of you who are
not iPod savvy, these little guys are not ideally suited to sitting on a desk.
If they are lying flat, the screen can be difficult to read, and standing them
up is an exercise in terror. Well, simply pop out the control wheel cover all
the way to the back of the case, and the FlipStand truly lives up to its name.
Access to the controls is great, and with the top open, you can sync and charge
right there.

With street pricing under the $30.00 mark, this case is not going to do too
much damage to the credit cards, but is certainly not for everyone. The casual
iPod user may not have the most use out of this case, so don’t sue me if it is a
bad fit with your gadget lifestyle. I , for one, think the FlipStand to be a
nifty idea that celebrates (rather than conceals) the device that it is


Price: $34.95


100% Protection
Flip-out stand the coolest idea since Virtual Graffiti
Headphone use while case is closed

Adds bulk


Product Information

Manufacturer:Speck Products
  • 100% Protection
  • Flip-out stand the coolest idea since Virtual Graffiti
  • Headphone use while case is closed
  • Adds bulk
  • Rattles

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