Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-01-03

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I have received quite a few letters from you all about programs that help make the Tungsten even more functional by removing the need to open the slider. One of the more interesting was from Scott Dreslinski with Digit Sense. They have a very useful program that allows you to remap the soft buttons in the graffiti area to the hardware buttons – while still retaining your chosen hardware button settings. It is called QLaunch.
According to Scott, “QLaunch does not take over your default hardkey mapping, it extends the use of these hardkeys depending on how long you hold the hardkey down. QLaunch was orginally designed for the Tungsten, but should work fine on the Sony NX series, and several users have reported no problems on these devices.”

With the available version 1.0, you can map up to two additional applications to the hardkeys. I am trying out a beta for 1.5 (available very soon) which allows 3 additional applications or special functions to be mapped to the hardkeys – the legnth of time you hold the button decides which application will launch. Pretty nifty! I have remapped the “menu” button to my recorder…this means when I am in a program that doesn't have a soft menu bar at it's top, I can toggle the menu by holding in the recorder button. This is very handy with Palm Reader!

Total change of subject: The fingerprint reader on my 5455 mysteriously started working yesterday…I didn't say anything for fear of jinxing it, but so far it seems to be working just about every time. YAY! :0)

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