Vaja 661 Classic Flip Top iPOD Case Review

Product Requirements:
Apple iPOD

So you have an iPOD and are looking for a case to protect its beautiful white and
chrome plated skin. Compared to the case that ships with the newer iPODs, one
has the feeling that the Vaja case is the Victoria Secrets of cases. Great design,
styling, and quality-finished construction are attributes that this case rightfully

The Vaja iPOD cases come in two flavors based on the closure system, the
cheaper snap-on closure ($35) or the more expensive magnetic closure ($45).
Either can be ordered with or without the ULTRA clip belt clip at no additional
cost. Four color choices are presented when ordering. In addition, both styles
are available in built to order options ($55), which offers many more case colors
to choose from, including some of premium leathers. In addition, personalization
of the case is available with the build to order option at an additional cost of $19.
I would recommend staying with the non build to order route unless a premium
leather with personalization is a must.

vaja661 1

The quality of this case becomes immediately evident when you first crack the
box. Upon unwrapping the tissue that surrounds the case reveals the deep dark
color (black in my case) of the case. In addition, you are almost simultaneously
hit with the rich aroma of leather! Reaching to remove this case from the box
reveals the soft and supple feel that only good quality leather can provide. The
iPOD, with its beautiful finish almost begs to be dressed in a case of this quality.
Now, on to the functional aspects of the Vaja case. This case is a flip-top style
case in that the top half of the case flips over the front of the iPOD and attaches to
the bottom of the case. The case I have has the manual snap. A magnetic
connection is also available as an option and is probably worth the extra jack
($10) as it provides a faster and more convenient access to the iPOD’s unique set
of controls. I had no problem placing the 20 Gig configuration of the iPOD in this
case, even though the Vaja web site only mentions the 5 & 10 Gig models. The fit
was tight (the 20 Gig model is a little bit thicker) and I suspect no problems with
the other two (thinner) models.

vaja661 3
vaja661 4

Once inside, with the flip-top lid open, this case reveals the iPODs exclusive
navigation buttons and scroll dial as well as allowing you to look at the iPOD’s
LCD display. All controls are easily operated from within the opened case. A
plus over Apple’s supplied case which constantly forces you to slide the iPOD in
and out of the case to do just about anything. So in short, once in the case, you
have full functionality of the unit, while at the same time protecting the
beautiful looks from the everyday scratches and smudges that will most certainly
occur. Keeping your iPOD looking new, isn’t that all that you can ask of any

Closing the flip-top case reveals the exposed hole in the top, which
allows for the connection of the iPOD’s headphones or remote. This hole is almost
a perfect fit for the included iPOD cables, but may be a little tight depending on
the size of the connector your headphones have if using headphones other than
those provided with the iPOD. There is no access to either the hold switch or the
Firewire connector when the case is closed. I do not see this as a shortcoming
since you have to open the case to access the controls anyway and charging of
the iPOD is only done when the iPOD is either attached to the Mac (or PC) or
plugged into the wall.

I also have the ULTRA clip, a very sturdy and highly recommended configuration
for this case. The clip consists of a very strong spring belt clip that connects to
the case via a keyed metal bolt. It allows the iPOD to swivel around and since it is
keyed, the chance of it becoming unhooked is practically impossible. The same
cannot be said for Apple’s included iPOD case, as its spring easily pops off of
your belt when you sit due to its static, vs. dynamic (swivel) nature. Using the
ULTRA clip I hang the iPOD from my stereo cabinet handle when running the
iPOD through the home stereo system.

vaja661 2

In short, this case is worthy of the world’s best MP3 player. In fact, I have not
taken the iPOD out of this case since I received it. The case provides good
functional protection for your very expensive MP3 player.

Price: $34.90 for snap case (magnetic closure

Quality construction
Many build options

Can get expensive if you add all the custom options


Product Information

  • Quality construction
  • Many build options
  • Can get expensive if you add all the custom options

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