Xigma PDA Cases Review

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Hot on the heels of our CLIÉ NR series case reviews from
Xigma come a new batch of reviews for various
Palm, Pocket PC and Zaurus PDAs. These are high quality leather cases that are
available in several styles and colors.

[Many of these cases are also available in the US thru

Zaurus Book Style


If you need a nice looking book style case for your Zaurus 5000, this one
might be the one you’ve been looking for. Made of Arizona Noble leather, this
case is available in quite a few colors (see below).

As you know, the Zaurus PDA has a unique slide down keyboard. As a result,
the holster for this case had to take that fact into consideration. The solution
was to make the holster only for the top / screen half of the PDA. Although this
might look less secure that the typical PDA holster, I can tell you that the PDA
will definitely not slip out of the case by accident. The fit is very snug.

xigma zaurus1
xigma zaurus2

The large cutout for the display lines up well. A cutout on the right corner
of the holster allows access to the stylus, while a rectangular cutout on the
left side gives you access to the IR port. The top of the holster is open, so
there is also access to the CF slot and ear phone jack.

One important cutout is missing however. The opening for the SD slot is
covered and is not accessible while in the case… oops!

xigma zaurus3

The PDA rests on the right side of the case, while the left side which is
held closed with a strong magnetic snap. As far as storage, this case has quite
a bit. On the interior of the left side, are 3 horizontal business / credit card
slots. Behind them is a larger horizontal pocket and a large vertical pocket.
Directly beneath those pockets is yet another vertical pocket.

Both the back and front sides of the case have padding and a stiffener to
protect the Zaurus from everyday abuse.

This is a nice looking case that is made well.

Price: $59
Also available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, beige, black, black two tone
and grey

Beautiful leather
Lots of storage

SD slot is covered


Series Flip Case


Similar to the HP case reviewed above, this Sony CLIÉ T series flip case also
uses the U-Clip to hold the PDA in the case. The grip is firm, but the PDA can
be slid down to allow it to sync and charge in the cradle when needed.

Available in several colors, this case is made entirely of Napa cowhide with
a soft lamb suede interior.

xigma clie t flip1xigma clie t flip2

The interior cover portion  of the case has 2 vertical card slots and is
held closed with a magnetic snap. The only slight thing that I can find to gripe
about is that the cover is a bit loose when closed. The snap tab could stand to
be just a bit shorter.

xigma clie t flip3

This is a pretty simple case, so there’s really not much to say about it. The
case looks good, and feels good in your hand. It doesn’t add much at all to the
overall size of the PDA and will protect it from everyday bumps and bruises.

Price: $49
Available in black/red, black,/blue and black/yellow

Doesn’t require Velcro
Can sync/charge while in case

Cover needs to be tighter


Palm m500
Series Slim Tight Cover Type Case


Looking for a simple yet functional all leather cover for your Palm m500
series PDA? This one might be just what you’ve been looking for.

The Slim Type Cover is a really nice cover that protects the screen and back
of the PDA while adding as little bulk as possible.

xigma m500 cover4

The PDA is held in the case by a plated copper rail which is inserted into
the left stylus silo on the PDA. This method works well although the rail could
stand to be a little thicker as you can slide the PDA off with minimum effort.

xigma m500 cover1
xigma m500 cover2

Beneath the PDA are hidden 6 SD/MMC card slots. I like the location of these
slots much better than placing them in the screen cover which can touch the
screen when closed. The card slots are wide enough to allow easy insertion and

xigma m500 cover3

The screen cover has a slash slot for folded papers or currency. The only
minor gripe about the cover is the fact that there isn’t a way to hold it
closed. I would like to see a snap tab used.

I really like the natural leather used in the sample that I was sent to
review. The craftsmanship is excellent. 

Price: $42
Available in black, beige (natural) or brown

Doesn’t require Velcro
Can sync/charge while in case

Stylus rail needs to be tighter
Cover is unsecured


CLIÉ 700 Series Flip Case


This is one of the more stylish cases that I have seen offered anywhere.
Instead of a plain single color case, Xigma has made a statement with a
predominantly black case that has bold color highlights of black, blue or
yellow. I was sent a black and yellow case.

xigma700 flip 1    
xigma700 flip 2

The yellow accent stripe down the middle of my case is actually a raised
leather insert. It looks quite rich, and striking – perhaps even more so since
they added the extra "dot" at the bottom, effectively making a yellow
explanation point on a black background.

This case closes with a magnetic snapping tab, but unlike many other cases I
have reviewed, it snaps to the side. On the end of the tab is a perfect yellow
leather square inset.

Under the snapping tab is a cutout for the accessory-lock, which I found a
little bit curious, until I realized that you do
not have to remove your
CLIÉ from the case
in order to hot-sync or charge. YAY!

Once the case is opened, you will find a large
splash of color, as the formerly contrasting color now becomes the main feature
with black as the trim. The holster and borders of the flip-lid are done in
black leather, while the wallet portion and the lining are all yellow. The
majority of the holster is lined in sumptuous suede, while the wallet portion is
finished in smooth leather. All buttons, sliders and the jog-dial are accessible
while the PDA is inserted in the case, and you will have unfettered access to
the top of the
CLIÉ when the flip-lid is

xigma700 flip 3 xigma700 flip 4 xigma700 flip 5

The plastic reinforced flip-lid features two ID or credit card pockets, and
three Memory Stick slots. This should be perfect for most users.

xigma700 flip 6 The only problem I can see with this case is that the bottom
of the CLIÉ is left quite exposed, most likely
to facilitate in-cradle syncing and charging. Unlike most flip-lid cases,
there is not a tab covering the sync/charge port when the case is closed,
and a good portion of the surrounding area is also left exposed. If coverage
of this area is important to you, then you should probably avoid this case.

Overall, I believe that this is one of the most interesting cases I have seen
in some time. The materials used are superior to many I have reviewed, and the
craftsmanship is excellent.

Price: $66.44
Available in black/red, black,/blue and black/yellow

Very stylish and out-of-the-ordinary
Excellent craftsmanship with quality materials
Can sync/charge in cradle while PDA is in this case (!!)

Bottom of Clie is very exposed


Product Information

  • Very stylish and out-of-the-ordinary
  • Excellent craftsmanship with quality materials
  • Can sync/charge in cradle while PDA is in this case (!!)
  • Bottom of Clie is very exposed

27 thoughts on “Xigma PDA Cases Review”

  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
  2. Very good product and a very good product review! 🙂

    The website is really awful! It looks half finished and tries to present itself in your language (probably because it “reads” wher your IP is from) but it really doesn’t work.
    Half english, half german and no real catalog.


    Too bad!

  3. How thick are the grips? would a device still fit in a case, i.e. would my 1945 still fit in my E&B case or my Handheld Planet slip case with these grips on the sides and back? Are the dimpled ones a lot thicker than the flat?

  4. Thank you for the kind compliments!

    The smooth surface Egrips are .017 inches thick and the dimpled surface Egrips are .022 inches thick

    The smooth surface ones while thinner, tend to be grippier. I have the thin ones on my wife’s Zire (I’ve now upgraded to the T3!:D ) and the Zire can slip slowly and carefully into the Innopocket case.

    I have already applied egrips to my T3 and they are wonderful!

    Dwayne Wilson

  5. Say, any word if they’ve got Egrips suitable for my GBA SP’s Rhinoskin? It’s a nice case, but I find it a tad slippery to hold at the bottom, especially if my hands get even a wee bit damp due to perspiration.

    Any suggestions as to colors that compliment silver? 😀

  6. Send ’em an email and they’ll tell you what will work!

    I would recommend using the standard GameBoy SP egrips. They make them specifically for the unit. Should work fine.

    Dwayne Wilson

  7. Here are pictures of my T3 with the egrips attached. I used the generics ones and cut them to fit.

    Dwayne Wilson

    Back view

  8. @ wilsondm2
    Looks good! I need to do that too. The t3 is too slippery.

    General question @ wilsondm2 and all others using Egrips:

    When you try to stuff the unit in your pocket (no matter which Palm unit) does it get stuck in the upper regions easier and is harder to press in your pockets than without the Egrips?
    I’m asking since I tend to shove the T into my pockets in Summer very often.
    I figure with the Egrips the unit would get stuck and be a hassle to get in your, say, jeans pocket…

    Any comments and real world experience?

  9. Well, I guess it would depend on whether your pants were 80’s tight or not!?! <grin>

    I sometimes put my T3 in my pants or in my shirt and it seems ok to me. But I guess if the pants were too tight it would rub the egrips off.

  10. I ordered the general purpose pack based upon what you wrote in the original review and the only quibble I had was there is now a logo on one of the bigger pieces that wasn’t on the set you reviewed, and also wasn’t shown at their website.

    I just get tired of all the branding on everything we buy nowdays, which is why I never would buy a case from Krussel or E&B (because of the big metal logo attached to the front).

    I emailed them and Fred and I had a nice discussion where he said he has to have the logo on them to protect his patent. I don’t know if that’s the case or not but I appreciated the reply.
    I prefer a low key look so I was really glad I had ordered the general purpose pack. At least I can cut off the logo part if I want.

    Glad to see your review has the updated pictures that show the logo. 🙂

  11. Currently, they’re on sale (the older egrips) for $3.33 each (min $9.99 per order) so I’m going to try them out.


    Just ordered mine today. But they say it’s going to take 3 weeks for delivery. 🙁 😮

    Thanks to Judie and this site for a great review since my decision is partly due to the review and of course, the clearance price.

  12. Based on the original review, I orded e-grips for my cellphone, T/T, and my laptop. I did get three sets in the mail, but two were substitutes as the colors/styles I ordered weren’t in stock. A handwritten note said that the actual ones I ordered would be sent when they arrived at no charge.

    Nice touch. But it’s been weeks now and never have received the original ones I ordered.

    The e-grips for the cellphone (SE T68i) are FANTASTIC. They fit perfectly and really hold it wherever I put it down. Unfortunately, it’s in a kind of electric disco blue gilt, which usually draws a few looks when I plonk it down on a conference room table.

    If you get what you ordered, you’ll be pleased with them.


  13. Just got my egrips in the mail today. Wow. It only took a week. I was quite surprised since they did say 3 weeks for delivery. The egrips are very nice. I got what I ordered in the colors I ordered.

    The egrips are very nice. They’re very easy to apply and if you make a mistake, you can easily re-apply and it sticks well. It sticks surprisingly well, considering that the adhesive doesn’t seem to be that “sticky”. I feel okay knowing that I can easily remove them if I ever need to without worrying about the gummy residue left behind.

    My only complaint is that the egrip for the Zire 71 tends to cover up the entire back of the unit, including the serial sticker area. I would have liked if they had done a cut out for that area like they did for a portion of the area where the actual serial number would be. I ended up cutting up my egrip because I have my BoomerangIt sticker on the back of my Zire 71 and didn’t want to cover that up.

    Otherwise, it’s working good. I love being able to hold my Zire 71 securely now without worrying that it’ll slip off my hand.

  14. There’s a disclaimer on the egrips site that says:


    I don’t think I’ll bother.


  15. I read that before I ordered but I bought anyway because my Tungsten T2 is so slippery I felt I had to do something. I tried to help the egrips last by not doing things that would cause the two layers to separate from each other, like forcing the PDA into a tight fitting case, etc.

    Even with that, I noticed today that there is one corner that has started separating.

    I thought they would last a bit longer with some TLC, but then I got the old version. About a week after I got mine they came out with the newer version that is supposed to last longer. :\

  16. I agree with the comments on the lack of stickiness or durability of the older version egrips. Unfortunately, parts of my egrip has already come off and now, even the sticky adhesive part is coming off too. I might start thinking about possibly using fine sandpaper and filing parts where I will be holding my Zire 71 so that it isn’t so slippery. Well, that is, once I run out of my egrips.

    I think part of my problem is that I have my Zire 71 in the original Palm case and remove it and put it back frequently, which may cause rubbing and thus make the egrips easier to come off. Perhaps those who put them in a hard case may not have such a problem? Considering that I only paid $3.33 each for the clearance price, I really can’t be complaining.

  17. Hi there

    Can anybody direct my to a site where I can buy those strips?

    I really need them. But the official website is only partly finished, they don’t answer mails asking for support und the catalogue consists only of generic items.

    Help very much appreciated


  18. I finally got through to Fred Antonini who was VERY helpful and responsive. He offered me payment through Paypal. That’s what I did. Now, I’m awaiting delivery.



  19. Just got some egrips (wrapback for the Treo 600) in the mail today and whoa– they are awesome!

    Since the 4th gen grips have been out for awhile. Does anyone know how long I can expect them to last (aside from the 8 week disclaimer, of course)?

  20. Sure. My recommendation is to get the generic ones rather than the one specific for your device and cut small pieces where you normally hold the Palm. That way, you can maximize the length of time between getting replacements. They will come off after time.

    The other alternative is to get the Flexiskin type covers that you fit over the Palm that will give you a better grip.

    I’m pretty satisfied with my egrips. They work.

  21. Hello.Don’t know what year this is, I’m using a Centro /755p fom Sprint . The weather is great here in Florida! Me ?ow 2008.

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