Vaja 724 Sony CLIÉ T615C Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIE T415, T615C

Not long after receiving my Sony CLIE T615C, I was hot on the trail of the
perfect case to protect it while in my gear bag. Being a huge fan of
Vaja cases, I was very excited when they
made their new T615C case available. Made entirely of leather, no Velcro here
folks, this case is one by which all others will probably be judged.

The 724 is available in 4 colors: Black Floater, Green Floater, Vitelino
Chocolate, and Black Azabache. I was sent the Black Azabache which has a glossy
sheen. This case can also come with or without Vaja’s Ultra belt clip.

As with most slipper style cases, the PDA slides into the case from the top
and is held there by friction. The holster portion of this case has one large
square cutout that gives you access to the display and application buttons. A
small notch in the leather also enables you to see the status LED below the
up/down scroll lever. A separate round cutout allows you to activate the power
button. Unlike a few other CLIE T series cases that I’ve reviewed, the leather
on this Vaja is thinner which makes pressing the power button easier.

The left side of the case has an opening for the jog dial and back button.
Access to the hand strap eyelet is also available. The Memory Stick slot, IR
port and stylus silo are all easily accessible while the CLIE is in this case.

The bottom of the case has a rectangular cutout for the serial port. There
are 2 problems with this part of the case. The first problem is the fact that
this case is not sync-able with the cradle. You have to remove the PDA to sync
and charge. However, t will work with an optional serial cable. The other
problem is that the leather around the serial port gaps somewhat on the case
that I was sent to review. It’s not a real big deal, but since the case costs
about $70, it should be perfect.

The back of the case has a strong metal shank (on the versions with a belt
clip) that protrudes out approximately .25 of an inch. Below the shank is a
small access hole for the reset switch. And at the bottom left there is a cutout
for the speaker.

The screen cover portion of the case is reinforced with an ABS plastic insert
and is padded. This makes the cover somewhat rigid and helps protect the screen
from accidental bumps and knocks. A small Vaja logo badge adorns the outside of
the cover while 2 business card slots and a larger slot are located on the
inside. Strong magnets on either side of the cover hold it closed. Because this
case does use magnets, you should NOT store credit cards or other cards that
have a magnetic strip in the card slots of this case. They can potentially be

The materials and workmanship that have gone into this case once again make
it a favorite of mine. It looks gorgeous, feels great in your hand and is very
well made. Your CLIE will fit in it like a hand in a glove. The price for a Vaja
case can sometimes be $20 – $30 higher than other similar cases, but when you
put a Vaja next to a clone, you can always tell the difference. If you want the
highest quality case for your CLIE and money is no object, you can’t go wrong
with this one.

Price: $69.90 with belt clip ($64.90 without belt

No Velcro

Not hot sync-able
Leather gaps around hot sync port


Product Information

  • Slim
  • Beautiful
  • No Velcro
  • Not hot sync-able
  • Leather gaps around hot sync port

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