Personality Pack Palm m505 Screen Cover Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm m505

Parallel Designs have a
new version of their unique and popular flip cover
Personality Pack. Originally for the
Palm V/Vx, this new version has been created specially for the Palm m505
(sorry, it will not fit the m500)
and comes in 6 color styles: Sapphire, Sapphire Ice, Diamond, Carbon, Graphite
and Crystal.

Made entirely of durable polycarbonate plastic, this item provides your m505
with screen protection while adding to the coolness factor that this sleek PDA already

Everyone knows (those that read this site anyway) that I hate Velcro. Many times
this material is used to attach screen covers and cases to PDAs. Luckily, the
makers of the Personality Pack must have had similar feelings because this cover
does not require any type of adhesive to hold it on. Instead, it takes advantage
of the two slots on the back of the m505.

The PP is comprised of two parts that are joined by a plastic hinge. A screen
cover and the back. To attach it, you slide it over the top of the PDA and then
snap the two back legs into the slots on the back of the m505. This operation is
very quick and easy, as is removal. Of course, due to the fact that the cover is
using the slots on the back of the m505, any other accessories that you may have
that use these slots to clip on to the PDA, will probably no longer work as well or at all.

The Personality Pack adds almost nothing to the weight and thickness of the m505.

When closed, the cover lays complete flat over the screen and overlaps
approximately an 1/8th of an inch all the way around. You have access to all the
buttons while the cover is either opened or closed. Access to the stylus silo,
power button, IR port and SD card slot are also unobstructed. And, depending on
your color choice, you can actually see thru the cover while it is closed. This
makes it convenient to look up an address or see an alarm without having to flip open the cover.
It’s really not clear enough to read e-books comfortably though.

The lid flips open and closed easily. But not too easily that it will flop
open if you hold it upside down. Although there isn’t anything to hold the cover
closed, there is enough friction to keep it closed under normal conditions. When
completely open, the cover does not fold back behind the PDA, but it does open
more than 90 degrees. It will not be in your way while you’re using the m505 in
your day to day tasks.

One nice thing is the fact that you don’t need to remove this cover in order
to sync or charge with the cradle. However, you will need to remove it if you
have to reset the PDA. It would have been very easy to add a hole over the reset
switch, so I’m a little bewildered as to why they overlooked this little fact…

The Personality Pack for the Palm m505 is a simple accessory that looks great, is easy to use,
and does its intended job very well.

Price: $17.99

Thin durable screen protector

Isn’t compatible with the m500
Reset hole covered


Product Information

Manufacturer:Parallel Design
  • Thin durable screen protector
  • Stylish
  • Isn't compatible with the m500
  • Reset hole covered

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