Jornik Penstylus Review

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Any touch screen device

The Jornik Duo Penstylus which is available at and other retailers is an understated pen stylus combo that comes in two clip styles.
One version has a standard metal pocket clip and the other has a plastic pocket clip that can also dock inside the Palm V or m500 series stylus silos.


The Jornik looks like a typical business style ballpoint pen. The standard pocket clip version has a metal body with a black matte finish. The clip, top end and waist are a contrasting pewter colored metal. 

The actual pocket clip is very tight. I really think it’s way too tight. I couldn’t get it to easily clip to my pocket.

The pen has a nice weight and balance to it. It has just the right thickness to be comfortable in my hand.
It also doesn’t rattle at all either when a tip is exposed or retracted.

The docking clip version of the Jornik is also black and pewter. But, the finish is shinier and the top end is flat instead of domed.

I think both pens would lend themselves well to having a company name / logo imprinted on them.

The pocket clip is black plastic and unlike the other version, is easier to actually clip onto your pocket. Besides using it as a pocket clip, it can also dock in the either stylus silo on the Palm V/Vx or the right silo on the m500/505. This isn’t a feature that I get too excited over. The Jornik is longer than the PDA so when it is docked, it doesn’t look quite right to me. But, if you want to dock it, you sure have that ability.


Both pens use a twist action to extend either a black ballpoint pen tip or the stylus tip. Twist the barrel one way to expose one tip, twist it the other way to expose the other. Do a quarter twist to retract the tip into the body.

I found the black ballpoint pen to write smoothly and without skipping for the most part… One of the pens would continually act like it had run out of ink only to write
fine a day or so later. I think it just must have had a bad refill in it.

The stylus tips are black pointy tips. Since the pen has a black body, I find that I don’t care for the black stylus tip because it is hard to see. I would prefer a red or white tip. This is just
a personal preference though. The stylus writes just fine on every PDA touch screen
that I tried it on.


The bottom barrel of the pen can easily pull off to expose the tips when you need to refill them.

The Jornik isn’t a flashy pen / stylus combo by any means. Instead it is a simple writing instrument that has a businessman’s attitude at a pauper’s price. 

Price: $19.95

Palm V / m500 series docking version available
Metal body
Nicely Balanced

Black stylus tip hard to see
Metal pocket clip version has a very stiff clip


Product Information

Manufacturer:Stylus Central
  • Inexpensive
  • Palm V / m500 series docking version available
  • Metal body
  • Nicely Balanced
  • Black stylus tip hard to see
  • Metal pocket clip version has a very stiff clip

8 thoughts on “Jornik Penstylus Review”

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  2. Umm, so is your review negative or positive?

    To me, it does not even remotely resemble something that would be an ipod case…or a case for anything else for that matter. It’s basically a box with some cutouts for memory.

    It’s not your fault, you didn’t make the case… or did you? 😀 It just doesn’t look like something anyone should actually buy.

  3. No, I did not make the case.

    You are completely correct, it is a box, simple as that – like it or hate it.

    When I first laid eyes on it, I had a reaction similar to what I think you having…but I have to say that the goofy thing kinda grew on me after some use.

    It is basic, simple, and it looks to able to defelct a .22 bullet. Some folks want that, others do not.

    Did I hate the case? No.

    Did I love the case? No.

    I will not herald or condemn a product simply because I had no strong emotions…if you choose to think me wishy-washy, then you are very welcome (might be the nicest thing said about me in quite some time…LOL).

    I hope my reply was a little helpful…

  4. I don’t think you’re wishy-washy. I’d only flame you if you were the one that brought that hideous case into the world. 😀

    I was just curious how you felt about it, that’s all. 🙂

  5. Looks like some guy converted his Altoid case and stuffed it with foam. The guys must be living in a farm to know that people would actually buy a case decorated with the American flag, which resembles a coffin. This is my opinion about the case.

  6. No no no, this is too funny. This is one of the first time I see a site review such trivial objects. An Altoid case that fits a Ipod. And really, it’s ok to do that once in a while just to liven up the atmosphere abit, but you need to label it as a “joke” so people don’t confuse that you actually meant to review it. I’am suprised how much stuff you can write about that box. Call this critisim, or just my opinion, but that’s the way I see it.

  7. A quick question that has not to do with the case, you mentioned in your review that you run your iPod through your car stereo, how do you do that?

  8. I am running an Audiovox RF adapter (I tried the iRock, but I think it was damaged early on and my success with it was nil). It runs in-line with the antenna cable and is powered by the car’s 12v system.

    Installation is a tad tricky (probably less rough that just getting to the back of the stereo in cars nowadays…) and a switch is installed – this thing will blast out all radio stations, so turning it of to listen to talk radio is essential.

    For the physical install, I simply purchased a clip phone mount from Radio Shack and double-side taped it to the dash, ran the wire to just above the mount…takes about 4 seconds to get it up and running…

    Hope it was helpful,


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