Targus Deluxe Leather Wallet Case for Handspring PDAs Review

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Product Requirements:
Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum

If you are thinking of a new case for your Visor, you have many options. Cases can have
flip tops, zippers or belt clips. One of the newer entries into the Visor case market is
the Deluxe Leather Wallet case from Targus.
Unlike cases available with flips, zips, and clips, the Targus case is a wallet style,
tri-fold case.

Targus always has made well constructed cases, and the Deluxe Leather Wallet
case is no exception. The black leather and stitching is what you come to expect from
Targus. The Visor fits in the case fine. But I am not fond of the closure method they use.
Targus seems to like to use a strap method to close many of their cases. While this method
is completely secure, it takes more effort to “thread the needle” than other
cases with snaps or even, (should I say it Julie?), Velcro. But that said, the
strap is at least connected to the part of the case opposite the PDA. (In their Palm III
case, the strap is connected to the PDA side and would flop over the Palm III screen while
you tried to use it.) This case isn’t going to protect the Visor from the sides, but it
offers a lot of protection on the front and back.


Front View

Back View


When you open the Deluxe Leather Wallet case, you are treated to
numerous pockets and windows.There are large and small plastic windows, 4 slots for credit
cards, 2 pen or stylus holders, and 2 main pockets, one under the credit card slots, and
the other under the PDA holder. Although this is a tri-fold style case, there isn’t a
pocket that runs the entire length of the case to put your currency. You would have to
fold your currency and put it in one of the other pockets.

The Visor is seated in the case by snapping it into clips that are basically a trimmed
down Visor cover. I have seen this retention method used in other cases, most notably the Incipio cases. But in
those cases, you needed to use your own plastic cover. The Deluxe Leather Wallet
case comes with a cover designed into the product. I have a few issues with this type of
retention method:

  • First, it’s using a trimmed down Visor cover, so it is a very snug fit.
    The Visor cover was not designed to be snapped in place with a strip of leather between
    the cover and the PDA.

  • Second, when the Visor first came out, there were many people that
    complained that the little slot or “groove” at the top of the Visor that holds
    the cover in place was chipping off from repeatedly removing the cover. (You can read
    about it here.)

  • And finally, with the redesign of the Prism housing, it will not fit in
    this case. The Prism uses the same cover as the Visor, DX, & Platinum, but you can’t
    snap it to the back.

Since there is a chance of damaging the Visor cover “groove”
with repeatedly installing the cover front and back, whenever you wanted to flip the Visor
over, or perform a HotSync, or put a Springboard Module in, I just don’t think this was a
good way to connect the Visor to the case. Below I have some views of my Visor DX
installed in the clips. Since I was already aware of the slot cracking problem, I
installed my Visor VERY carefully!


Visor seated in case clips facing outward Visor seated in case clips facing inward


In addition to the numerous pockets in the Deluxe Leather Wallet case,
there is a strap on the left side that can be used to hold a paper notepad. Keep in mind
that if you use a notepad, it will face the visor when closed. You may want to turn your
Visor around before you close the case to protect the screen.

Some of the things I pointed to as negatives on this case may not matter to others. I have
a few friends that regularly use their thumb or fingernail as a stylus. For them, they
obviously don’t care if they scratch the screen, and they wouldn’t have to worry about
constantly turning the PDA to the back to protect the screen. If you are someone that
carries a lot of stuff in your wallet, this case should fit your needs. (Although your
can’t put this case with a Visor into your back pocket 🙂 In general, I am not crazy
about wallet style cases. But this is a well made case, so if you like wallet cases you
won’t be disappointed. But be careful when you install your Visor to not crack the cover
retention slot.

Price: $49.99

Quality construction
Lots of pockets
Would protect the screen and back

Don’t like the PDA retaining method.
Have to remove PDA often. (to HotSync, to install Springboard Modules, and to flip so
screen is protected.)


Product Information

  • Quality construction
  • Lots of pockets
  • Would protect the screen and back
  • Don't like the PDA retaining method.
  • Have to remove PDA often. (to HotSync, to install Springboard Modules, and to flip so
  • screen is protected.)

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